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Catfight.com offers the worlds largest selection of female fighting material featuring thousands of downloads and dvds from the worlds top producers. Specializing in all aspects of female fighting including wrestling, catfights, sexfights, mixed fights against men, boxing, grappling,facesitting, female domination and more. Our varied collection offers cutting edge stap on sex fighting as well as unique hard to find nostalgic battles from yesteryear. From highly skilled competitive action to erotic fantasy matches we are your true one stop for all aspects of female fighting.

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 FTV 132 Session in pain FTV 132 Session in pain
Bill is true non-believer when it comes to female superiority. He laughs at Samantha when she challenges him to wrestle. Samantha tears into her male opponent and rips him apart with outstanding wrestling skills and strength. Sama....
  • SBA 95
    This is Roxi's toughest facesitting challenge yet. Lovely is a super sexy, super aggressive chick with a mean streak. She totally makes Roxi kick, gasp and struggle for air. Roxi's neck is injured and her orbital bone was also injured from some face bouncing. Just think this girl thought she wasn't being aggressive enough. You should see Roxi try to eat Lovely's ass to stop the facesitting, her arms are pushed away and she is facesits deeply for trying to get off easy. Will post her contact info soon, maybe she will do sessions.
  • MM 509
    Debra loves to suck cock, it is orgasmic for her to do so. This video shows her sucking on four men's cocks at different times pleasing herself and her playmates. UNREAL deep throat action! Some great facesitting also in this oral delight video.

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