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  • ACA 47
    Double Domination - Nobody can match Katherine Parton. The full package of face, hair, rippling muscles (she's 5'4", 118 pounds - not a steroid freak but a Ms. Galaxy fitness queen) and incredible 38DD's, wrapped up in the spirit of a true dominatrix. She loves to beat the fuck out of other women, sit on their faces. Dr. Sammi Savage has had the privilege of seeing Katherine's pussy close up once before and the sexy young doctor gets a repeat performance in this one-sided wipe out! Then, local publisher Mikki Monroe, at 5'8" and 155 pounds takes on petite powerhouse Lexus Lee at 5'4" and 122 pounds! Lexus has stamina and a burning desire to win -- she's already made Katherine Parton taste pussy (see ACA 41) and wants to shock the world again. This battle is one sided , with a very dominant champion repeatedly body slamming her victim, then grinding out a sexy face-straddle submission!
  • ACA 46
    Blond Dynamite - Kelsea vs Lexus - Don't you dare miss this one! Two great bodies, fantastic athletes and superior wrestling skills abound (n this fast-paced drama! Kelsea's a former gymnast and bounces like India rubber. She has to because Lexus is strong as an ox and really knows her throws and flips. The pounding these two heap on each other is unbelievable and they just keep coming back for more. When one rock solid blonde finally plants her sweaty pussy on a thoroughly beaten loser's face, you know she's really earned the right!
  • ACA 45
    April sports a 40 DD cup, broad shoulders over a slender waist, a deep tan, and a violent hatred for lovely Red Richards. Red fucked April's man, then came to flaunt it in her face. Mistake! April strangles Red in a deadly sleeper, pins her limp centerfold body, then pussy-rides Red's soft pouty lips into unconsciousness! The most awesome devastation Red has ever taken, and she's been beaten by the best. And it ain't over yet!
  • ACA 44
    Sultry, muscular and busty Mediterranean superstar Katherine Parton tackles incredible gymnast Kelsea Cole in a high flying topless face sit slaughter. It seems Katherine "handled" Kelsea's divorce; when she tells the muscular blonde the tab all hell breaks loose. Equally matched in height, weight and demonstration, Katherine throws Kelsea like a rag doll, tit smothers her and squats on her face. She's out! Then, Ashley came back to San Benito looking for gorgeous Justine and gets exactly what she wanted. Both these women are spectacular lookers - tall, busty, sexy, smart. But Justine can't escape Ashley's scissors or face smothering pin and gets a great taste of Ashley's sweaty crotch.
  • ACA 42
    Our latest blonde superstar, stripper Samantha Soames tackles sexy former power-lifter Alexia Wexler in this hard-fought domination duel. Club owner Alexia wants a little too much control over Samantha's appointment schedule but Samantha, a 36-24-36 hard body takes her boss apart and rides her into a screaming face sit submission. Samantha is a 10 and knows how to use it all! Then, buffed, blonde bodybuilder Anastasia Barron returns to match up with dynamite newcomer Jamie. Anna works for the CIA and wants to cut off some dirty business local DA Jamie's got going with Sheriff Liz Reed. You'll never forget Jamie - 5'9" and 135 lbs of Filipino beauty with long legs, huge brown eyes, firm round tits and a cover girl's face that gets covered by Anna's bulging ass muscles. Incredibly sexy wrestling and domination!
  • ACA 41
    Lexus Lee, young, strong, blonde and dumb, has walked weeks for a chance to get some training tips from body beautiful Katherine Parton. This is the classic match up - brunette, buffed attorney Katherine against bull strong bimbo blonde Lexus with nothing on the line except pride of conquest, declared from atop the face of the loser. Lexus doesn't have Katherine's bulging definition or incredible 38DD breasts, but the blonde mauler stuns arrogant Katherine by repeatedly pinning her muscular shoulders to the mat and holding the Academy champion helpless. Brutal front and rear face sitting domination of a very surprised and humiliated beauty!
  • ACA 40
    Newcomer Casey Cuomo, a gorgeous and spirited Mediterranean brunette, is the City Planning Commisioner. She wants to zone as open space a district desired by Dr. Sammi Savage for her new clinic location. Sammi's always ready for a fight, and a fight it is as first time wrestler Casey climbs all over Sammi right from the outset. Sammi won't quit for anyone and keeps coming back for more, and Casey's ready to deliver all the way up to the final face sitting end that drags a screaming submission from one spent warrior!
  • ACA 38
    Dr. Sammi Savage's women's health clinic is under a threat of a walk out from Union Chief Cheyenne Sanchez. How will this one be resolved? The muscular Mexican fireball challenges Dr. Sammi to a wrestling match - the loser agrees to the winner's contract terms - but Cheyenne doesn't know that Sammi moonlights as a professional wrestler! Little Dr. Savage has been savaged by the best, slammed, flipped, stripped, and face sat before; will Cheyenne become the next of her conquerors? It ain't over till someone's face disappears under her mistresses beautiful pussy and ass, then it's really over!
  • ACA 37
    ANASTASIA RETURNS - Samantha Soames, another young, strong blonde bombshell, tangles with her boss Alexia Wexler over the conditions of her continued employment. Samantha dominates former power-lifter Alexia to a sensational pussy smother submission! Then, buffed, blonde bodybuilder Anastasia Barron returns to match up with dynamite newcomer Jamie. Anna works for the CIA and wants to cut off some dirty business local DA Jamie's got going with Sheriff Liz Reed. You'll never forget Jamie - 5'9" and 135 lbs of Filipino beauty with long legs, huge brown eyes, firm round tits and a cover girl's face that gets covered by Anna's bulging ass muscles. Incredibly sexy wrestling and domination!
  • ACA 36
    Tuesday Taylor; she's got the face of a fashion model and a body to die for. Red Richards; lithe strong, slender and perfectly formed tits. This battle was inevitable from the day Tuesday and Red struck a deal to start a phone sex business using Red's money and Tuesday's wanna be wrestlers. It takes hard flips, brutal tit smothering, and a riding straddle on a dominated losers face to settle the score! Both knew the other would steal from her if she could. It seems Tuesday has beaten Red to the punch in the stealing department so Red passes on the preliminaries and comes out smoking against the strikingly beautiful brunette. This battle rages back and forth, with each opponent taking a turn under er adversaries' ass until on beauty emerges on top and teaches the other a lesson in humility with a suffocating face sit that rivals the best ever captured on video!
  • ACA 35
    STEAL FROM ME, WILL YOU? - Gorgeous redhead Red Richards returns to action in an all topless, all-action, grind it in her face till she screams war with sexy Camille Carlson. Red brings perfect 36DD's to battle Cami over stolen revenues from the phone-sex business Red shares with her partner, Tuesday Taylor. Cami's been using her programming expertise to route some of the proceeds from the business directly to Tuesday's bank account - Red's come in searching for the truth! The winner can't seem to get her point across as time and again the beaten antagonist gets pulled down and under one of wrestlings most beautiful crotches until finally one version of the truth gets told. A great match with an awesome finish! REMATCH OF THE MONTH - Katherine Parton meets her step-mother Miranda Parton in their monthly match to determine who gets half a million bucks and who gets pussy for lunch! Katherine, who made it 9 straight over Miranda back in ACA-26, offers an interesting deal to start things off - if Miranda goes to work for Tuesday Taylor's wrestling promotion, Katherine will give her $10,000 a month and stop kicking her ass every 30 days. Katherine, of course, would keep the other $490,000. Miranda is beautiful with perfect, thick blonde hair, a covergirl's face, and a lithe, muscular physique that cries out for domination from her even more muscular and busty step daughter. Maybe Miranda should've taken the deal because Katherine won't give up the cash unless Miranda can drop her gorgeous ass on Katherine's face, and Katherine just won't let that happen. Two perfect bodies in violent conflict to a tremendous, nose-job conclusion!
  • ACA 34
    KATHERINE'S SECRET - You can't find a more perfect body than Katherine Parton's anywhere in wrestling. 5'3" and 112 lbs of fitness with 38DD's, luscious lips, hard hips and bulging biceps. An attorney, Katherine treats her secretary, Red Richards, like shit. Red has a fair body herself - if you think 36DD's over a 21 inch waist and 36 inch hips, tightly bunched biceps and a washboard abdominals is "fair"! What isn't fair is the way the winner of this high-speed, high skill, all-action, topless brawl takes her opponents breath away with a bouncing, bruising face sit submission, then keeps pouring it on way past the point of no return! FREEDOM OF THE PRESS - You could say Samantha and Mikki are rivals. Mikki edits a newspaper; Samantha has a TV news program. Both of them wanted Shae Seaver's prostitution story - one of them got it and the other is furious! What ensues is the most one-sided ass kicking imaginable. The girls are well matched in height and weight, and both have sensational 38DD's. But one is more incented than the other and gets on top and won't get off! One beautiful face disappears under the other's ass and pussy.
  • ACA 32
    THE PRESS RELEASE - Release is what SAN BENITO GLOBE editor Mikki Monroe needs most. Release form Ashley Anders, her overbearing, abrasive publisher. Release from the pressure of the cut-throat tabloid newspaper industry. And release of her face from between and underneath Ashley's gorgeous backside! That's where we last saw the beautiful Mikki, face up and tits heaving in submission as Ashley rode her face to a screaming series of submissions in ACA-27. These two are both 5'9" tall and 148 lbs, and have a mutual dislike and one gets a face full of pussy! MUFFOCATION CITY - Sable Stone didn't want to work Lacey. In ACA-29, Sable expressed to her new boss just how strongly opposed she was to the idea of wrestling Lacey. Well... Sable, meet Lacey Hamilton! 5'3" and 125 lbs of pure silicone dynamite, Lacey is about the least likable character to ever visit San Benito city. With 38DD knockers, blonde Lacey attacks sexy black Sable like a savage, and finds Sable knows how to use her own 38DD's as well as anyone! This one is to the point and doesn't take long for one big titted terror to plant her sexy ass on her opponent's mouth and from there its MUFFOCATION CITY!!!
  • ACA 31
    Can You Really Be This Dumb? - Lexus Lee followed Tuesday Taylor's orders - she approached Susie with evety intent of getting the new Miss Alviso to sign a one year contract with Tuesday promotion. When Susie didn't cooperate, things got a little tougher than Lexus expected - now she's got some explaining to do to the boss. Tuesday is rarely in the mood to listen to excuses and blonde, hard-body Lexus' excuses are lame! Tuesday tries to shut Lexus' mouth the best way she knows how - by stuffing her pussy in Lexus' face and grinding it till Lexus agrees to keep her excuses to herself. This one comes down to who wants to win more! Congratulations, Baby! - Check out newcomer Lexus Lee, a super sexy blonde. Lexus stands 5'3" and weighs in at 120lbs with 1% body fat. This girl is in shape! Lexus works for Tuesday Taylor's wrestling promotion and today she's got a special assignment - deliver the grand prize to Chinese knock-out Susie Wong, winner of the 1994 Miss Alviso Beauty Pageant. The Grand Prize - a one-year contract to wrestle for the promotion! Susie actually expected something else - maybe a car or a trip to Hawaii, and she isn't enthusiastic about the prize. But Lexus won't get paid until Susie signs the contract. The result - a tit-smothering, high energy, all topless pro-style nightmare for one woman, who ends up getting a close look of her antagonist's sweet, hard cheeks and hot, sweaty crotch!
  • ACA 30
    Katherine's Secret, Pt.1 - Susie Wong brings her magnificent 3/4 inch long nipples back to the ring to face off with the perfect-bodied Red Richards in this erotic thriller. This one goes back and forth all the way to a dramatic riding face- straddle finish. Freedom of the Press, Pt. 2 - Introducing Samantha - 5'8" and 135 pounds of California blonde dynamo. Sam is bigger and stronger than Shae but something interesting happens during the fight - maybe it's Samantha's firm & bouncy 38DD's or maybe she just likes blonde pussy because Sam stuns the big brunette, sits on her face and dominates her like no one else has ever done.
  • ACA 29
    The New Promoter - Knock out Tuesday (5'7" and 118 lean and powerful pounds over milky white skin and awesome 38CC's) battles bad black beauty Sable (5'5", 115, and 'Playboy Magazine-calibre' 38DD's). Tuesday wants to assert herself, but she better figure out how to get her head from between Sable's magnificent tits first! The better woman gets the nose job of a lifetime, grinding her pussy all over the loser's beautiful face. Freedom of the Press - Mikki Monroe is 5'10", 145 pounds with a pair of 38DD's that just won't quit. Shae Seavers is 5'9" and 145 pounds. These two tall, powerful and muscular beauties collide in this all topless, face sitting classic! The loser's nose actually gets flattened underthe winner's incredibly strong ass in a completely humiliating finish.
  • ACA 28
    Asian knockout Susie again bares her beautiful 36DD tits featuring the most incredible 3/4 inch long nipples you've ever seen in an all out topless smash mouth fight with sexy blonde Ginger Wills. Ginger has been sponsoring Susie's efforts to win the 1994 Miss Alviso beauty pageant, but has a surprise for Susie the day before the pageant - Susie has to throw the contest! The Chinese girl doesn't buy-in to the program and expresses her displeasure back at Ginger in a way that will leave you absolutely breathless. THE RED MENACE - Red Richards has about the perfect pair of tits ever bestowed on a woman! Dr. Sammi Savage packs some very nice 34D's of her own. From the outset, this was a train wreck waiting to happen when Sammi accussed Red of ripping her off in an aborted pill smuggling scheme. You just wish you'll be able to go in the same manner as our loser, beneath the soft, wet and warm sex fo her mistress!
  • ACA 26
    The Hired Gun Pt.2 - Katherine Parton is 5'3", 115 lbs of Italian dynamite packaged behind 38DD's! Buffed, belligerent and cruel, Katherine meets her step-mother Miranda Parton in their monthly match to determine who gets half a million bucks, but Miranda has a trick up her sleeve (see ACA25) - a trick named Tuesday Taylor who Miranda hired to wear Katherine down a little before the real fight starts. This one starts with Tuesday vs. Katherine but quickly turns into yet another one-sided rout of Miranda by her dominant step-daughter. Miranda is tautly muscled and tough but Katherinie too good and ends up giving herself one of the all time great nose jobs on poor Miranda's beautiful face. The best film we've ever made! Won't you help me? Please? - Indonesian beauty Honey (5'1", 36D) needs help. She won a job dancing for Dallas Davis in a head to head strip-off with her arch rival Susie (see ACA25), but needs help because the loser of the strip-off, Susie, is threatening to kill Honey unless she backs out. Honey goes to Japanese gangster Miko Handa asking for a favor. At 5'5", 106 lbs, super sexy Miko is graceful, strong, and aggressively lesbian. Miko is happy to help if Honey will put out in a way that Honey hadn't anticipated. The girls disagree, and one lovely Asian doll gets so smothered by tits and pussy we haven't seen her around Academyland since. Gorgeous Asian dolls fight to domination!
  • ACA 25
    Another all-Asian, all face sitting classic! Susie is an ethnic Chinese raised in Malaysia. Honey is an Indonesian knockout. The two are brought together to dance in a head to head audition. Both girls want to win, but only one can and the loser takes her frustrations out by attacking the better dancer, leading to a flipping, throwing, squeezing, scissoring brawl that ends with a whimpering loser gasping for breath from underneath her victrix's perfect, round ass. The Hired Gun - Tuesday Taylor and Miranda just don't hit it off quite the way either one of them planned and the sparks really fly! Both Miranda and Tuesday are drop dead gorgeous, and there's no denying who was the better today as one beautiful face gets ridden unmercifully. Great fighting, gorgeous girls and a super face straddle finish!
  • ACA 22
    Phight and Pharm - Sammi Savage needs a new pharmacist and executive assistant because she's had to fire Sasha Sorenson (see ACA 21). Tami Terrell fits the bill perfectly -- a top student and available at the right price. Tami, however, has other ideas and it will take a pussy in the face to settle the terms of this job offer! Truth or Consequences - You must see Mikki Monroe! Too bad Mikki's first Academy adventure matches her with Anastasia Baron -- the blonde bodybuilding champion! This one might surprise you as one lovely Amazon gets a taste of the other's ass in a humiliating surprise finish.
  • ACA 21
    Sammi Savage closes the pill smuggling saga by tying up the last loose end -- Sasha Sorenson! Sammi knows all about the whole scheme and plans to deliver a termination message to her pharmacist in a clear and convincing fashion. Sasha's perfect tits are smashed, mashed and mauled by the enraged little Sammi, but Sasha gets her licks in too, until the real hurting starts -- super front and rear face-sitting domination for two gorgeous girls! Katherine Parton -- gorgeous, strong as any woman who's ever walked the face of the earth! Anastasia Baron -- blonde, buffed and bothered by Kathirine's attitude -- returns to see if she can adjust Katherine's outlook! Two drop dead knock out beauties, both equipped with rippling biceps, bulging quads and 38DD's and one gets just what she deserves in a super dominating special pin finish.
  • ACA 20
    Cinnamon Sears plannes to meet Sammi Savage, but gets a savage awakening instead from beautiful black bombshell Sable Stone. There's no relief in sight for the loser of this all topless brawl! Somebody's nose is going up her victim's ass. This one is HOT! Plus, long-legged redhead Dallas Davis tackles big, brawny beauty Shae Seavers and the women really compete until one beauty gets her gorgeous thight around the others face. All topless crotch to crotch and face-sitting action!
  • ACA 18
    Want A Visa Or Not? - Another sensational newcomer, knockout Bodybuilder Anastasia Baron, meets Shae Seavers in this tale of intrigue, tits, muscles and smuggling. Anna works for the State Department and will help Shae, an illegal alien, get a visa -- if Shae does a little job. One look at Anna's physique and you'll figure "no way" -- but Shae is strong as an ox and bounces Anastasia around the ring mercilessly until the final crunching face sit that is the best we've ever shot! Hello, Cousin - Dallas Davis, the redhead with the sexy legs and picture perfect face meets her own beautiful redheaded cousin Red Richards in an all red, all topless, wild face-sitting wipeout! You'll die for Red -- yet another super hot newcomer - what a gorgeous face, perfect 36DD breasts, and taut muscles. Strong men wept when Dallas covered that face with her dripping crotch! But Red is a real fighter and gives Dallas all she can handle -- and them some! Don't miss this one!!!
  • ACA 04
    Coaches Conflict - Alex Allen, the new coach of thegymnastics team at San Benito Academy, has snagged YumiHanda for their team. What Alex doesn't know is how Yumi became available, and how physical the coach of the swim team is willing to get in order to have her own way! Gentle Persuasion - Alex Allen returns to the gym to meet Miko Handa. Alex tried to get Miko's little sister Yumi on to the gymnastics team by trying to beat up Carolyn Cox. Miko heard about that little confrontation; she'd promised Yumi to Carolyn in exchange for other favors and won't let Alex Just walk in and wreck that deal.
  • ACA 03
    Wild Carolyn Cox comes to the gymready, willing and able to rip sexy Miko Handa a brand new asshole. Carolyn wants Miko's younger sister to quit Miko's loan sharking business; Miko wants Carolyn to mind her own damn business. The Drop-Out - Villainous Asian beauty Miko Handa invites sweet young blonde Shauna Summers to the gym to exchange workout secrets. Both girls are finalists in a local beauty pageant, and Miko plans to beat the shit out of her sexy rival to make certain whowill wear the crown.
  • ACA 11
    Shelby Lao – the most beautiful and powerful Asian woman ever to wrestle, makes her debut against world-class gymnast Alex Allen in a totally topless, totally dominating fight to the finish. Sexy Shelby throws muscular Alex all over the ring, then wraps her gorgeous 38DD's and iron-hard thighs around poor Alex's face before riding the blonde hard-body into a whimpering face sit submission. Awesome is the only word to describe Shelby, the fighting Asian queen. Alex Allen has just been trashed by sexy Shelby Lao. Now Shelby's boss Ginger Willis arrives to rub some salt in Alex's wounds, and to rub her crotch in Alex's face! Ginger's big tits batter Alex, already weakened by Shelby's onslaught, but Alex has beaten better fighters than Ginger, including knockout Academy champion Katherine Parton, so don't count her out too quickly! One blonde beauty is gonna be "sat out" with a sweaty crotch ground mercilessly into her face.
  • ACA 12
    Dallas Davis is in debt must sell her bathing suit designs so she meets Shelby Lao, a buyer for the Wills Bikini Company. But knockout Shelby will rip-off Dallas if she can – all she has to do is kick ass - and can she ever! First time fighter Dallas with a cover model's face and gorgeous flowing red hair gets red-faced from the Shelby's grinding crotch. But Dallas can dish it out too and pushes beautiful Shelby to the limit before the face riding finish you're gonna love! Japanese superstar Miko Handa is owed $5, 000 by Dallas Davis. Sexy redhead Dallas tries to seduce Miko into giving her some more time, but with Miko, its business before pleasure and business means her firm tits and sweaty crotch in your face! There's no prettier face than Dallas' anywhere on the wrestling scene, and her long, shapely legs will drive you wild, even as her nose is being driven up Miko's asshole. Will DALLS BE MADE TO PAY UP? There's gonna be complete domination either way!
  • ACA 14
    Sasha Sorenson meets Miko Handa is a blonde vs. Asian, topless hard body fight to the finish! Sasha has partnered with Dallas Davis in both love and business (see ACA 13) – Sasha's job is to get Miko off Dallas' back (ACA 12). Can sexy Miko withstand the onslaught from gorgeous Sasha's tits and ass? When Miko's working, you can bet someone will get a face full of crotch before it's over! Red-head beauty Dallas Davis fulfills her part of the love bargain struck in ACA-13 by tackling the divorce attorney representing Sasha's estranged husband – Italian bombshell Katherine Parton who's bustier than ever. At 5'3" and 112 pounds of rock-hard muscle and 38DD tits tanned and buffed Katherine takes Dallas to an incredible tits and ass-smothering finish! Dallas just about dies under there – what a way to go!
  • ACA 33
    The New Promoter, Pt. 3 (30 min) Talk about mismatches! Tuesday Taylor has just about the most beautiful face and long, tanned and toned body to ever climb into a ring. Lacey Hamilton looks like a gnome in comparison to the gorgeous Tuesday; at 5'3" and 125 pounds, Lacey is 3 inches shorter and 10 pounds heavier than her brunette boss. Tuesday very simply wants Lacey to do the job she was hired for letting Sable Stone defeat her in a series of wrestling matches fro Tuesday's AAA promotion. Lacey, blond hair in braids and brain somewhere in the stratosphere, thinks she'd be a bigger hit by trashing Tuesday instead. The women come to blows to settle their differences and you won't believe how it ends. The Body Guard (25 min) Susie Wong thinks Katherine Parton is going to need a body guard, particularly when Susie stars spreading around the names and numbers of all the women Katherine has beaten up and sat out in the past two years! It seems the sexy Chinese fighting machine with those amazing inch long nipples go her hands on Katherine's secret files (see ACA-30) and figures there a few dollars in it for her, if she plays her cards right. Katherine, faced for one of the first times with a woman who's 38DD's rival her own magnificent breasts, figure Susie is going to need a body bag. Guess who's right?
  • ACA 39
    Samantha Soames vs Alexia Wexler Katherine Parton vs Kelsea Cole Jaime Guiteriez plotted to import birds from her native country with the help of sheriff Elizabeth Reed. But there is no honor among thieves, at least not until they have the opportunity to fight about it first! Jamie is almost 5'10" tall, with gorgeous long legs and ac over girls face. Sheriff Liz may be the best all around athlete to come thru San Benito and this one is a slam bang to a grinding face site settlement! The, the super beauty Katherine Parton is back with the most athletic blonde hard body yet to take up residence in San Benito. Kelsea Cole is getting divorced and Katherine is her attorney – too bad if Kelsea doesn't like the settlement as long as the lawyer gets her share! They fight hard, but will the client settle her sleazy counsel's hash? A rock hard as sin the face helps on sexy beauty to see the light! Super pro style flips and throws and great domination!
  • ACA 5
    Alex Allen has come looking for Katherine Parton. She thinks that by beating Katherine, Miko Handa will get her younger sister Yumi to join Alex's gymnastics team. But Alex also wants to settle an old score. Ten years ago Alex and Katherine were college roommates, did not get along, and finally they fought it out with Katherine kicking Alex's ass BIG TIME. Alex was hurt so badly she missed a shot at the Olympic trials. Alex has remembered that day and intends to deliver the beating of a lifetime, no matter what Katherine says. Fitness champion Katherine had all but forgotten her old roommate and just wants to let bygones be bygones. Katherine does everything possible to avoid the confrontation, but when it becomes inevitable she agrees to a fight which has to be seen to be believed. THESE ARE TWO GREAT ATHLETES going muscle to muscle, tit to tit and crotch to crotch until the shocking face sitting conclusion. One Deal Too Many: Carolyn Cox vs. Miko Handa Carolyn Cox, coach of the San Benito Academy swim team is a serious recruiter! Carolyn let Miko Handa (see #ACA-03) kick her ass and sit all over her face just to get Yumi on the swim team, but now Alex as "stolen" Yumi to join gymnastics. When she appeals to Miko for help, she finds that Miko has since promised to have Yumi do gymnastics because Alex agreed to beat up Katherine Parton. Miko Handa has played all ends against the middle, making contradictory promises to Carloyn and Alex. Is it time for Miko to pay the piper? Carloyn uses her firm young breasts as weapons against the feisty Japanese girl, but Miko's 36DD's do damage of their own as this one roars to submission with one woman's nose up the other's ass in as dominating face smother as you could ever ask. If you want beautiful young women in rugged combat, tit to tit, flesh on flesh to decisive finishes, this is it!
  • ACA 6
    Katherine Parton, the muscular Italian fitness queen with a gorgeous face and a knock out body, has bet a ton of money on Shauna Summers to win the Miss South Bay pageant. Katherine arrives at the gym for her weekly massage to find Miko filling in for the regular masseuse. Katherine doesn't yet know that Shauna dropped out of the pageant because Miko, also a contestant, beat the shit 9out of her (ACA-03). But when Katherine learns the truth, look out! Sleek Japanese beauty Miko Handa is filling in for a friend to make a little extra money.When she lets it slip that Shauna droppedout due to her ass-kicking, Miko has to fight for her very life against the enraged Katherine. Both women use their beautiful bare breasts as weapons, and although Katherine is definitely stronger, Miko's quickness and years of Aikido training hold herin good stead. The Japanese beauty controls the action until Katherine's quick reversal, buth even then Miko's got the luck of the Irish! Caroly Cox shows up with her sexy lingerie and 36DD's and comes to Miko's aid, FOR A FEE! Then its two against one to a tit-smothering finish – or is it finished? Who can you trust? Topless beauties massaging, mangling and mashing their incredibly sexy bodies together, great wrestling skills and face sitting. This one's got it all!
  • ACA 8
    Dr. Sammi Savage has been asked to attend a meeting with Jade Jordon, the promoter of the wrestling federation. Sammi had worked her way through medical school as a part time wrestler for Jade's promotion and can't imagine why Jade wants to see her. Jade has just lost Raven, one of her best, to a broken ankle. Raven is one half of her best tag team (partner is Jasmine) and was scheduled to do a series of jobs for Jade. Jade needs a replacement, and she's called in a marker on Sammi. Little Sammi's big tits are bounced all over in this dramatic fight to a dominating face-sit finishing! Is our little dynamite doctor out of retirement? You'll sure hope so! Muffocation!…: Katherine Parton vs. Alex Allen Alex Allen has come back! She's looking for Katherine Parton because she had so much fun last time and can't wait to do it again! Taunting and torturing the knockout Italian beauty comes second nature to Alex as once again Katherine finds her nose driven up the powerful blonde's sexy asshole. Awesome!
  • ACA 9
    Jasmine Jameson and Dr. Sammi Savage are former tag team partner; the dissolution of their team was less than amicable with Jasmine kicking Sammi's butt. Well, they're about to go at it again, this time over whether or not they team up again. Little Dr. Sammi really comes looking for revenge, again and again slapping those beautiful bare breasts viciously around Jasmine's head until one tiny warrior wears the other one down. Then its lights out in a face-sitting frenzy that will leave you as breathless as the beaten loser. The Favor Lady: Ginger Wills vs. Lolita Loveless Ginger Wills is the owner of a firm that designs and manufactures swimwear and lingerie. Ginger started her business with a loan from Miko Handa – the bill is due and Ginger is short, so she hired a woman in the "favors" business to do a number on Miko and get her out of debt. It didn't work but the "favor lady" wants to be paid anyway. For the right fee, Lolita Loveless will do almost any favor but her specialty is beating the shit out of people for money. She wants to be paid and figures Ginger will be easy pickings, but gets the surprise of her life from the rich bitch, who comes on like a street fighter. Someone gets SAT OUT in this totally topless wipeout of beautiful blonde bombers!
  • ACA 198
    One of our favorite customers really loves Crimson Kang, and his all time favorite match is ACA 126 (Kandie vs. Crimson). He wanted us to come as close as we could to that match: do nothing to script the first half but have a smaller blonde completely lay waste to the masked Korean babe down the stretch. We asked Crimson to pick her own dominant and she chose bad-ass Bree Beaulieau and all of us got what we wanted! Bree is good and amazingly strong for a 115 pound woman as the match is fully competitive for 35 minutes. The last 15 minutes are pure slaughter as Bree repeatedly crotch lifts Crimson and slams her hard to the mat, slaps her ass red, tortures her nipples and bends the flexible Crimson into a submission pile of compliant putty with a creative display of rapidly applied arm-bars, Boston Crabs, face sitting a few unique maneuvers all her own!
  • ACA 201
    Gia, a proud and sexy Black woman new in town from Ohio, heard about us from her man and really wanted to try competitive wrestling out. Gia, at 5'3" and 120 pounds is the exact same size as Crimson, and she demonstrated a great deal of confidence about her athletic abilities (a three letter varsity star in track, basketball, and soccer), so we set her up with the masked Korean wrestler. Gia came in cocky and actually picked Crimson up in a full bodyslam at one point, but that was pretty much the high point as Crimson shows some ego of her own in putting Gia in her place. At one point we had to stop to let Gia regain her composure as she couldn't believe that this "little Asian bitch" was whipping her ass so bad that Gia was in tears! Crimson eventually felt sorry and helped Gia later, but only briefly as Crimson basically decided that the girl needed to come down to reality and man did she ever!
  • ACA 202
    The Academy is overjoyed to introduce a big, strong and drop dead gorgeous Mexican-American wrestler in 5'8" 140 pound Luna! With soft, smooth skin and throaty sexy voice, Luna drives men and women wild and Isamar is damn susceptible to sexy women! But this one is all fight! Luna had wanted to wrestle for a few moths but we passed on her because her friends all say she is prone to "play" not fight. Isamar laid it out for her before we started. "You try to win because I'm going to try my hardest to beat you". Luna is four inches taller and 15 pounds heavier but Isamar is quicker, more experienced and absolutely out to win. These are two strong and beautiful women fighting all out, all real, all the way to a no doubt about it decisive conclusion!
  • ACA 212
    The Bobcat's final competitive wrestling match! After three years of coaxing, Toni Kennal finally convinced her close friend Bobbie Boudreau to come back for a final match. It might have been pleading, might have been that Toni gave part of her purse to Bobbie, might have been that Bobbie just wanted to slap Toni's ass into utter submission. Who cares? Bobbie looks as great as ever and has lost not an iota f her excellent skills as blonde Toni gives all she has to unseat the champ. Double and single arm bars, triangle chokes, neck cranks, breast smothers, face sitting and more! The women are all out full speed for the 50-minute duration and there is a definite queen that claims her victory throne atop her humbled victim's face at the end of this one. The Bobcat looking her best ever!
  • ACA 193
    Taylor Morris made the biggest splash when we releaed her first effort against Jasmine Chou. Well Taylor tried again againser her good friend Bree and its blonde vs blonde, both fine as wine, in this fast paced struggle for supreamacy. Taylor is sexy and strong but Bree is quicker, and altho shorter and lighter, bree is actually stronger. And Bree learns faster. And Bree likes to kick ass, whcih Taylor finds out in a match that's more lopsided than the score and there's little doubt who's better, at least on this day. Two very good looking blondes in all real topless mayhem!
  • ACA 184
    Brunette Ora Goldman takes on bad blonde Kandie Cohn in a topless submission wrestling match. Kandie has experience and flexibility advantages; Ora is stronger and better conditioned and a damn fast learner. Ora studied a few times with Amy before coming down to face Kandie and it shows as Ora gives as well as she gets in this hotly contested match featuring arm-bars and head scissors submissions from both contestants. An excellent, evenly matched contest between very good looking women out to win!
  • ACA 183
    Blonde novice Lori accepts the challenge from her good friend Ariel and man what a find! Lori didn't impress us when we first me but when she came to the studio and stripped off her sweats - what a gorgeous woman! 5'6" and 125 perfectly proportioned pounds, Lori si long and strong and means business. Ariel is shorter and a bit lighter but very competitive with her girlfriends and these two are very close. Entirely unscripted and unstaged, the match is very competitive, with no question that each is out to win and no question that one definitly does win! Nearly 55 minutes of sexy and hard topless wrestling the Academy way!
  • ACA 16
    Dallas and Miko have met before, with Dallas trying to seduce the sexy Japanese superstar but getting an ass whipping for her troubles. Dallas has another business deal for Miko, but this time its pleasure before business as the woman have real sex, to real orgasms, before talking shop, which doesn't go quite as well as the sex did! One beauty gets brought to several violent orgasms, then made to eat the other's hot sweaty pussy in a wipeout nude face sitting scene that must be seen to be believed. Wild!
  • ACA 15
    Miko Handa learned from Dallas Davis (ACA12) the Shelby Lao ripped her off. The lovely Japanese plans to collect and the plan includes jamming her pointy, firm 36D's and sweaty crotch into Shelby's face! But Shelby's got 38DD's of her own and muscles to spare. Before this one is over, you'll see Miko's nose go so deep inside Shelby's butt, and Miko plants her gorgeous ass on Shelby's face. Hot, sweaty and sexy domination!
  • ACA 13
    All-Nude, Fighting, Face-Sitting, and Lesbian Love! Dallas Davis, the red head with the sexy legs and picture perfect face meets blonde beauty Sasha Sorenson in a topless, one-on-one, hair pulling catfight in the ring that becomes the steamiest, sexiest, all nude lap-licking Love-in ever recorded on video. Dallas' labia is pierced with a sterling silver ring; you'll get almost as good a look at it as Sasha does, but Sasha's tongue gets even closer than that! Hard fighting, hard fucking, hard fun!
  • ACA 207
    In ACA 204, Jasmine Chou beat down on blonde bombshell Rose Madiera; this is Rose?s chance for revenge. The women start in sweats and sports bras and white socks but are soon stripped down to tiny thongs. Rose has learned some new tricks ? will Jasmine be ready for anything Rose has to throw at her? Rose is quick but not powerful or aggressive and the Chinese woman finds herself in an unaccustomed position ? the more aggressive and stronger wrestler, a status Jasmine usually does not like! Will Rose get some payback from the last time Jasmine sat on her face or will Jasmine summon the drive to again wrestle the blonde into complete combative and sexual submission?
  • ACA 203
    ALL REAL topless submission wrestling between veteran Rubye and tightly muscled newbie Rane! Rubye is 5'4 inches tall; Rane is a bit taller and slightly thinner at 120 pounds. Both women are muscled like fitness models as Rane has been a competitive marathon runner, tri-athlete, weightlifter and fitness competitor during the past 12 years - yes the woman has been busy tuning her body so that NOW she can wrestle! Rane doesn?t know a lot but she sure learns fast as Rubye, who has battled and beaten the best of her generation at the Academy finds herself in trouble time and again. Both these women are STRONG and quick and in unbelievable cardio-condition as the stain, struggle and sweat their way to a a hotly contested but clear conclusion!
  • ACA 216
    Long lean Yana brings her soulful self back to the Academy in an old-style, all out WAR with sexy Chinese novice Alexis lei. Alexis, at 5 feet seven inches and 155 pounds has a whopping 20 pound weight advantage and this girl, in addition to being sexy as hell, is strong as an ox! Yana needs to bring everything she has to keep from being crushed by the aggressive novice - can black Yana stop the juggernaut in its tracks? You'll be surprised how this one turns out as one intended dominator feels life on the other end. And its all real - every frame! Long lean Yana brings her soulful self back to the Academy in an old-style, all out WAR with sexy Chinese novice Alexis lei. Alexis, at 5 feet seven inches and 155 pounds has a whopping 20 pound weight advantage and this girl, in addition to being sexy as hell, is strong as an ox! Yana needs to bring everything she has to keep from being crushed by the aggressive novice - can black Yana stop the juggernaut in its tracks? You'll be surprised how this one turns out as one intended dominator feels life on the other end. And its all real - every frame!
  • ACA 43
    Lexus Lee versus Alexia Wexler - "He who steals my purse steals trash. But he who filches from my good name robs me of that which enriches him not but makes me very poor indeed!" Shakespeare wrote it but powerful Lexus (she "retired" previous champion Katherine Parton) doesn't agree when it comes to her money and Alexia. These two pretty blonds, each 5'2" and 120 pounds of solid, glorious womanhood, battle topless until the stronger blonde one takes over and pussy rides her victim's whimpering face!
  • ACA 214
    A producer's pick for all real topless sumbission wrestling between very hot women who know what they are doing! Four inch height difference! Dark Latina vs fair Caucasian, both with hard tight bodies and attitude! Shayna and Maya have been friends for years and they both really like to compete. Maya has made several of our most popular matches and Shayna has come a long way with her skills and aggressiveness. Not a faked frame in the nearly 45 minutes of action as both score. One woman proves better as both really get to work out their issues today! Is it Maya at 5 foot 1 inch or Shayna at 5 feet five? http://www.academywrestling.com/detail.asp?vid=433
  • ACA 205
    ALL REAL 100% Unstaged and unscripted topless submission wrestling between fitness models. Long time Academy star Shayna Steadman makes few appearances these days but she me Sage at an earlier shoot and felt she and Sage would do a great match together. We trusted Shayna's judgment and was she ever right. Hot, sweaty, intense and competitive, these women are out to win but not out for blood and the combat is top shelf quality with fine skills from two very hot bodies. Both score submissions and it goes nearly 50 minutes until one wins but both gave it everything they have!
  • ACA 218
    In ACA 183, knock out blonde Lori got her first taste of competitive wrestling served up hot and spicy from her cute girl friend Ariel. Today Lroi comes back looking to a little payback. With one match and experience, Lori figures her size and speed and high school wrestling skills will allow her to claim the victore seat atop Ariel's face, but Ariel has a different plan. Will Lori get revenge, or tapped, slapped, kissed and dumped?
  • ACA 155
    An All-Time Academy Top 10! Blonde superstar Hannah at 5' 6" and 122 pounds of dominant bitch goes to battle with cover model Kika in this marathon match between gorgeous topless submission wrestlers. Nothing scripted or staged, just strip down to thongs and make her give, and both are forced to tap several times before a winner emerges. Kika is flexible almost beyond belief and Hannah, who has tapped out much bigger and stronger women, has trouble finding a grip that will make Kika submit. Kika not only escapes Hannah's best holds but blocks many others and secures a number of excellent holds herself until the winner finally settles the match with a painful scissors/nelson combination. No overt eroticism here - these women came to fight!
  • ACA 223
    Two big bodied, big busted blondes, without a tattoo between them, get it on breast to breast and crotch to crotch, with sweat fairly glistening off their firm, full, bodies. Brooke is stronger, but Leigh, who was trained by Crimson Kang, is more skilled and this one is eventually settled by which woman is trying harder than the other to get her fingers into her opponent's thong after the match. We think the woman that lost might have won if she really wanted to, but victory wears many faces and while one gorgeous blonde gets the face sit on the mats the other got it at home that night!
  • ACA 227
    Amy Lewinski had the run of the roost as top cock for nearly three years. Crimson Kang wandered in, took more than a few beatings, and then developed pure wrestling skills that, in her mind, began to rival Amy's. Crimson is seven years younger, the exact same size, and hungry to be the best so she challenges Amy to go one-on-one for a shot at the victory seat. Both women know all the moves, holds, escapes and sneaky tricks, but one is better in this marathon match where both women score submissions. It takes skill and quickness, not strength to win it. A fascinating match between two very talented wrestlers; one at the very top of her game and the other chomping at the bit to claim the top spot! And yes there WILL be a re-match!
  • ACA 224
    Blonde hard body Rane Andersson recruited a sometime girlfriend/sometime antagonist down to the Academy to work out some personal issues between them. Saadia Zeinoun is brunette and Lebanese. Like Rane, Saadia is 5'6" tall and 122 pounds of hard, taut, sleek and sweaty woman. Saadia learns fast and took to her training like a fish to water and it wasn't too long before Rane started insisting we begin shooting and quit training. Too say that Rane was afraid Saadia would learn enough to beat her and that would have been beyond embarrassing to the point of humiliation. These women run in common social circles and there is no way Rane wanted to explain to their mutual friends how Saadia whipped her ass! Did we stop training in time to save face for Rane? Or did Saadia shock her "friend"? Both women score submissions, even after both were so slick with sweat their white skin fairly glistened with feminine sheen and they slip and slide their way to a hard fought and well earned victory for one and humiliating loss for the other!
  • ACA 225
    All out topless war between strong, skilled and aggressive women with a definitive winner and thoroughly humiliated loser! Tough little Hispanic Maya, the long-running flyweight champ takes on a woman who is 15 pounds heavier, a lot more muscular, equally skilled, and more sexually aggressive than Maya has ever faced before. The sexual tension in the studio was obvious from the moment Rubye arrived to find Maya already stripped to a skimpy thong and ready to rumble. Despite Maya's clear assertions that, although she enjoys sex with women privately, on video she has firm limits, which Rubye promptly ignored! Both women have very strong scissors and both are quick and strong and can take punishment but one is flat out better today and the loser gets used and abused to her delighted opponent's delight!
  • ACA 226
    Israeli-born Ora debuted with her girlfriend Amy in AX 61, then tangled with tough blonde Kandi Cohn in ACA 187. Ora is back for another chance and this time she's certain she'll earn the victory seat against Jasmine Chou, the Chinese-American cutie whom Amy and Kandie have both beaten. Sexy Jasmine has other plans, however, and is determined not to let the solid and strong Ora make her Academy reputation by placing her round, firm ass on top of Jasmine's face! Don't expect lots of complex ju jitsu holds as these two look for suffocation via face sitting and brutal scissoring submissions and one is clearly superior at the end, both enjoyed themselves and put forth a great effort!
  • ACA 228
    Eras cross on the Academy mats as veteran Kandie takes on Isamar in this topless, submission wrestling classic. Kandie is blond and strong and flexible. At 122 pounds she is heavier and strong than some of her classic match ups with Bobbie and Holly and Rosie Rockett; but Isamar is a couple years younger and in absolute beast condition. Great visual and style contrasts as Kandie has some old school tricks that trap the Latina powerhouse and Isamar has some technical abilities that Kandie never dreamed of! Great wrestling from two talents again spanning generations at the Academy! Blond vs dusky, hot Latina and its all real!
  • ACA 232
    Hot Salvadoran Goth-girl Maya Marquez in her final match at the Academy. Preparing to move out of the area, settle down and make babies, the diminutive Latina with the killer scissors asked for Jasmine by name. These two had tangled before and little Maya squeezed Jasmine into submission after submission with a more fierce native aggressiveness than is usually found among Academy women. But Maya hadn't been back in over two years before the day we shot this match, and while her tight little 105 pound body is still hard and her attitude is still harsh, her conditioning was a little off, allowing Jasmine the opportunity to do one of the things she really loves to do: get on top of a woman, ride her till she tires, then talk shit about how her opponent is getting used! In years past, shit talking to Maya would have earned Jasmine three bruised ribs, a shiner, and possibly a sore asshole. Maya's heart is willing, but is her body able to deal the pain to the ultimate pain-slut?
  • ACA 327
    This amazing custom film was commissioned three years ago. Our friend wanted to see his all time favorite Crimson Kang first against Sun, then against Sun AND Chantel, then one on one against Chantel. He sent her a private envelope that no one else ever got to see, describing how he wanted the match to end because he knew Crimson could make the match come out any way she wanted to. Chantel and Sun both also knew that Crimson was vastly superior to each of them on the mats. Check out the masked Asian babe destruction of Sun in AX 109. And the systematic and comprehensive dismantling Chantel received from Crimson in AX 69 and AGAIN in AX 101. How does this one go? Our customer liked enough to offer an amazing, but still insufficient, sum to get Crimson un-retired!
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