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DWW Video

DWW-MOV-1094 DWW-MOV-1094


This is a real fight between Renta B and Denise. Both want to Win ! Denise is looking better than ever with sclptured muscles like an ancient Greek Amazon and with a tanned body. This is a tough catfight with scissors, headscissors, chin locks, hair pulling, clothes ripping and slapping. If you like female catfights and real fights t...View Detail

DWW-MOV-1089 DWW-MOV-1089


This is a competitive but also very sexy apartment fight. It isn’t the orgasmic erotic at all, since there’s no love lost between these two fighters, however, this is a very sexy fight and there are two beautiful naked bodies completely entangled with each other while they’re not shy of using every square inch of th...View Detail

DWW-MOV-1049 DWW-MOV-1049


Here is another comeback in this nude apartment wrestling match. Anastasia is back again because she missed the girls. At first Mel tests Anastasia's strength in some arm wrestling and double head scissors games. This leads to an exciting and aggressive nude submissions wrestli...View Detail

DWW 466 DWW 466

DWW 466

This is a nude competitive wrestling match with a pins to submission rule only. Only the more powerful woman who can exhaust her opponent completely will have a chance to be the winner. There are lots of straddles and body press pins plus two sweating female bodies struggling literally to exhaustion. Featuring Edina P. (25) and Timea...View Detail

DWW 641 DWW 641

DWW 641

This is a topless catch weight wrestling match between beautiful Emanuella and much bigger Anita. Although Emanuella doesn't fear Anita's size and strength, it is clearly evident that she won't have much of a chance in this match. This match is for pin submissions and breast facesitting submissions only. Did we say breast facesitting...View Detail

DWW 747 DWW 747

DWW 747

This is Mary-Ann's first catfight and before she promised us that she would be a much better catfighter than she is as a wrestler. This is a garden catfight and we honestly swear that this catfight is a real blast. We are sure that this was the BEST and the most exciting catfight we've filmed between two blondes ever in our 20 years ...View Detail

DWW 750 DWW 750

DWW 750

That wrestling match is an exciting and very competitive rematch between two very evenly matched women: Eva N. and Pamela. Although Pamela is bigger and heavier than Eva, all of us would already know that Eva could probably handle Pamela by using her tremendous fighting spirits and her powerful arms. This time there was a wrestling m...View Detail

DWW 802 DWW 802

DWW 802

This is the first of a series of some sponsored head scissors/face sit pin wrestling matches with Gloria. Gloria certainly is one of the best and strongest wrestlers and most women are afraid of her deadly head scissors. Therefore she's excited about those rules as they're giving her a better chance for using her strong legs. However...View Detail

DWW 810 DWW 810

DWW 810

This is a competitive oil wrestling match between two beautiful and fit young women in sexy sling strings. Sling strings are revealing it all and therefore it's an almost nude wrestling match and we put it into the nude category although they're both wearing those sling strings all the time. There's a great rivalry between those two ...View Detail

DWW 818 DWW 818

DWW 818

As a rematch between those two amazons the sponsor had planned a match between them with the same rules but without any hair pulling. The sponsor wanted to find out about how they'd do against each other if there weren't any hair pulling allowed. This time the loser of the first match is sure that she would change the result of their...View Detail

DWW 838 DWW 838

DWW 838

This is Luna's first catfight. It is an apartment catfight! The match began quite aggressive with pride at stake and since Anastasia thought that she would have a better chance by pulling sporty Luna's hair, she established an unexpected catfight. And what a catfight this was! Did this become Anastasia's nightmare? You bet! Luna has ...View Detail

DWW 753 DWW 753

DWW 753

This is an excellent and very competitive oil wrestling match. However, we have to note that both women were allowed touching their opponent's body everywhere they wanted to. If they felt that they were weaker or that they had no chance against the superior strength of their opponent, they could try to weaken the other woman with unu...View Detail

  • SBA 95
    This is Roxi's toughest facesitting challenge yet. Lovely is a super sexy, super aggressive chick with a mean streak. She totally makes Roxi kick, gasp and struggle for air. Roxi's neck is injured and her orbital bone was also injured from some face bouncing. Just think this girl thought she wasn't being aggressive enough. You should see Roxi try to eat Lovely's ass to stop the facesitting, her arms are pushed away and she is facesits deeply for trying to get off easy. Will post her contact info soon, maybe she will do sessions.
  • MM 509
    Debra loves to suck cock, it is orgasmic for her to do so. This video shows her sucking on four men's cocks at different times pleasing herself and her playmates. UNREAL deep throat action! Some great facesitting also in this oral delight video.

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