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  • DWW-MOV-1049
    Here is another comeback in this nude apartment wrestling match. Anastasia is back again because she missed the girls. At first Mel tests Anastasia's strength in some arm wrestling and double head scissors games. This leads to an exciting and aggressive nude submissions wrestling match on the bed. Mel has become very strong and experienced,. Anastasia is quite surprised by Mel's physical abilities and is on the defensive most of the time. Mel gets particularly upset when Anastasia presses her huge breasts into her face, squirting breast milk into her face and even into her mouth. That's exactly the time when Mel becomes eager to finish her off completely. The victor straddles her opponent and puts an emphatic foot plant on the lossers chest.

  • DWW 466
    This is a nude competitive wrestling match with a pins to submission rule only. Only the more powerful woman who can exhaust her opponent completely will have a chance to be the winner. There are lots of straddles and body press pins plus two sweating female bodies struggling literally to exhaustion. Featuring Edina P. (25) and Timea C. (22)
  • DWW 641
    This is a topless catch weight wrestling match between beautiful Emanuella and much bigger Anita. Although Emanuella doesn't fear Anita's size and strength, it is clearly evident that she won't have much of a chance in this match. This match is for pin submissions and breast smother submissions only. Did we say breast smother? The breasts and nipples are another incredible weapon Anita doesn't miss using in making Emanuella submit. Ever felt a stiff 1 inch long nipple sticking right into your eyes? Ouch!
  • DWW 747
    This is Mary-Ann's first catfight and before she promised us that she would be a much better catfighter than she is as a wrestler. This is a garden catfight and we honestly swear that this catfight is a real blast. We are sure that this was the BEST and the most exciting catfight we've filmed between two blondes ever in our 20 years history. We don't remember any other single catfight that had been more exciting, erotic, sexy, fascinating and that had so many different elements and holds combined. These two women didn't like each other from the first moment they saw each other. While Mary-Ann was confident to take the hearts of our fans by storm, Anastasia was pretty jealous that another pretty and sexy blonde woman conquered our mats and perhaps would likely taking away her status and her matches in the near future. She's furious and ready for a fight to the finish, and so is Mary-Ann. We don't know where to start and where to end with our description as good and as exciting this catfight was and as much it did impress us when we saw it. Therefore we strongly recommend you watching the preview clip and the preview pictures for getting a closer picture about what kind of catfighting arts you might expect to receive here. Their fight itself is even better than what you might imagine then. Incredible face smothering face sit pins, awesome head scissors, breast smother attacks, incredible and sometimes brutal hair pulling, fascinating sgpins, trash talk and even sexual attacks towards crotches and breasts. Their fingers and hands were literally everywhere and these proud women didn't leave out only one single inch of each others female bodies with their attacks. Much recommended and surely a true collectors' item for every catfight fan. Very erotic, too!
  • DWW 750
    That wrestling match is an exciting and very competitive rematch between two very evenly matched women: Eva N. and Pamela. Although Pamela is bigger and heavier than Eva, all of us would already know that Eva could probably handle Pamela by using her tremendous fighting spirits and her powerful arms. This time there was a wrestling match for submissions only and no scissors submissions were allowed with those rules either. Both women are very aggressive and their match is extremely competitive. They didn't miss out any holds they knew. With their muscular and perfectly built nude female bodies they are a great sight to watch at, too. First Pamela is trying to breast smother Eva, but Eva is quick and her head is hardly to be fixed under Pamela's huge breasts. That way was surely a no go for Pamela for making Eva submit. Then Eva is turning the tables trying to do the same with Pamela's face but strong Pamela doesn't submit either. Then there are some perfectly applied sgpins and some smothering sexy face sit pins on both sides but again none of them would submit. Finally Pamela tries the breast to breast bear hug, using her gigantic breasts to flatten Eva's breasts and her strong arms for pressing the last bit of oxygen from her smaller, but hard struggling rival's lungs. Is that too much for Eva? If you think so, then you don't know Eva's great fighting spirit. Finally one woman has got to submit and that's where this download will end. However, for those of you who'd like to see what happens between two great female rivals AFTER their match ended, and if those of you don't mind if it's getting even more erotic then, we recommend you watching the even more exciting second part of this match from our erotic tribgirls site.
  • DWW 802
    This is the first of a series of some sponsored head scissors/face sit pin wrestling matches with Gloria. Gloria certainly is one of the best and strongest wrestlers and most women are afraid of her deadly head scissors. Therefore she's excited about those rules as they're giving her a better chance for using her strong legs. However, we all know that Luna is a natural born fighter and an extremely strong woman with some very strong legs, too. Her disadvantage, in comparison with Gloria, is probably her lack of skills and experience as she still is a newcomer. Her advantages should be her stronger body and her higher weight. There is an interesting interview before the match, too. The match itself is a true collector's item and we shall quote it as one of the best competitive wrestling matches in 2009. If you love watching two very strong and muscular women wrestling each other to the finish with very high endurance and fighting spirit then this is for you. If you love strong and muscular legs and deadly head scissors, then you'll love this match even more so. And finally, if you also love a good sgpin and a good face sit pin to a submission, then you'll be in heaven. This marathon match truly is a "must have" for every wrestling fan out there. Besides that it's a marathon match with two ultra fit women fighting each other to the finish. A true and real rivalry between two evenly matched women was born! We're sure that there wasn't the last word spoken between them yet!
  • DWW 810
    This is a competitive oil wrestling match between two beautiful and fit young women in sexy sling strings. Sling strings are revealing it all and therefore it's an almost nude wrestling match and we put it into the nude category although they're both wearing those sling strings all the time. There's a great rivalry between those two women and their match is getting pretty aggressive. Although Eva is the lighter, the slimmer and the smaller woman, we know that she's much stronger than she looks like and she's giving Mary-Ann a great match and forcing her for giving everything she could do. Needless to say that the sight and the feeling of two oil glistening beautiful bodies, breast to breast and crotch to crotch wrestling each other isn't just an erotic fantasy for many viewers but nevertheless an erotic stimulus for every real women, too. While experienced Eva is trying to weaken Mary-Ann with some female tricks and treats, Mary-Ann can't deny that she's enjoying that match a bit more and usual and in an obviously different way than she would have probably expected.
  • DWW 818
    As a rematch between those two amazons the sponsor had planned a match between them with the same rules but without any hair pulling. The sponsor wanted to find out about how they'd do against each other if there weren't any hair pulling allowed. This time the loser of the first match is sure that she would change the result of their catfight. Once again you'll see wonderful head scissors and long and intense but absolutely REAL face sit pins.
  • DWW 838
    This is Luna's first catfight. It is an apartment catfight! The match began quite aggressive with pride at stake and since Anastasia thought that she would have a better chance by pulling sporty Luna's hair, she established an unexpected catfight. And what a catfight this was! Did this become Anastasia's nightmare? You bet! Luna has never had a catfight in front of our cameras before, but we bet that this wasn't the first catfight in her life. At first Luna did protest against Anastasia's unexpected tactics of pulling her beautiful black hair, but soon Luna is going to ask (rather warn) Anastasia if she's really up for making her brutal and angry! She had sincerely hoped that Anastasia would return to the more sporting wrestling behaviour but after Luna had realised that she didn't, it was Luna who did almost lose her temper. She really became extremely aggressive and reckless then. Proud Luna definitely enjoyed when Anastasia was coming close to tears. Luna is a much better catfighter (as a catfighting novice that she was) than we would ever had expected. This match is labelled as a nude match, but it isn't really a nude catfight. Most of the time it's a topless wrestling match. It just happened what does happen in so many catfights that their clothing (including) their thongs were aggressively ripped into pieces by an aggressive fighter, revealing some part of nudity during some time of this match. If you just purchase this match for the sake of nudity, then it'll be better if you skip this match because we are having many more matches that were completely nude catfights. This one isn't. However, if you enjoy watching Luna's catfight premiere in front of our cameras plus a very aggressive catfight with lots of pride at stake and an extremely aggressive and powerful, sometimes reckless Luna, then watch this match, while particularly after minute 10 Luna is getting VERY aggressive and nasty, making her proud opponent crying.
  • DWW 753
    This is an excellent and very competitive oil wrestling match. However, we have to note that both women were allowed touching their opponent's body everywhere they wanted to. If they felt that they were weaker or that they had no chance against the superior strength of their opponent, they could try to weaken the other woman with unusual and even erotic holds (if they wanted to and if they felt that it would be at their advantage). Newcomer Luna is showing us once again her gorgeous body, her incredible confidence, her wonderful female strength and her outstanding wrestling talent and fighting spirit. She surely has a good chance for becoming the "Newcomer of the Year". Although this is NO sex fight and it has nothing to do with trib either and although this is a superb oil wrestling match and it is extremely competitive, there are sometimes fingers touching intimate spots of the other body. If you hate to see this, then better don't watch this exciting match. There are lengthy interviews with both woman before and after their match making this fight extremely entertaining and exciting to watch. Both women wear extremely skimpy and revealing bikini thongs and sometimes their thongs are accidentally that much revealing that unfortunately for us we had to put this match into the nude wrestling category although we kindly ask you to NOTE that 99% of this match is TOPLESS wrestling WITH g-strings. This is by definition NO NUDE oil wrestling match.
  • DWW 745
    This sponsored catfight is incredible. There are two of the best and strongest fighters in this world who're not shy of doing catfights and submission holds that will leave you shocked. Beware of trying to copy their intensity and their submission holds as those holds are very dangerous if you don't know how to apply those holds and particularly if you don't know exactly when to stop. This is a catfight between two strong and mature women with no less than 10 submissions in total until finally one woman is unable to continue. This fight is definitely nothing for the feint-hearted! Better skip it if you can't take it.
  • DWW 937
    This is an outdoors nude catfight between two long time rivals. They're first interviewed without that the other one could hear what one woman would say about her. While Emanuella is telling only good things about Eva, Eva said that she really requested that catfight because Emanuella was unfair and cheating her last time when they had an epic wrestling match. These two women are so equally matched and equally strong! While Emanuella has stronger legs, Eva has got the stronger arms. Both women are extremely ambitious as they love showing you their very best in every match as they definitely know that they would probably get more fans and more sponsors if they were the winner in this match. There's no love lost between them when those two beautiful nude bodies are fighting each other on the wet surface of the mat. You'll love their wet skin and you'll love their ambition and you'll probably get excited about their strong wet hair pulling and you'll certainly love this outstanding nude catfight, too. Find out who the better woman really is. Would she likely have a chance for a rematch? You'll decide!
  • DWW 939
    This is a nude wrestling match in the garden between (now redhead) Pamela and Mel. Both women are proud and confident about them winning this competition and they're ready for giving everything. There are exciting and often very sexy SGPINs, brutal scissors and of course there are breast smother attempts. While they're both wearing the transparent fishnet top they're both completely nude below their waste. This is garden wrestling at its best between two women who can't be better and more confident than Pamela and Mel would be. Much recommended both for fans of beautiful women displaying their beauty as well as for fans of hard and competitive wrestling between two proud women who both really want to win.
  • DWW 948
    Due to a generous sponsor we were once again able to film a spectacular extreme slapping catfight between two of the best and most popular catfighters. Denise and Jana are long time rivals. First enjoy their exciting and informative interview before their match begins. It's in the garden with wet bodies, wet hair pulling and lots of hard slapping. There's trash talk, ripping off clothes, plus everything else what experts would expect to see in such an extreme catfight. Of course, the faint-hearted should better skip that release! They might get shocked and too puzzled. This is for the real catfighting fans only! However, for those of you who love real catfights their fight will certainly become a true collector's item.
  • DWW 1009
    There is a pretty interesting and a true situation. Eva is wearing a Malibu sling string and we know that this string does simply hide no skin at all. Anni is seriously concerned about wearing such a string because she doesn't want to do any nude stuff and finally they agree that Eva could wear the sling string while Anni is wearing a normal thong. However, Eva has another surprise for Anni when she's spilling water all over the mat for their coming up wet submissions only wrestling match. Of course there's no doubt that Eva is the much more skilled and the much more experienced wrestler and probably she's the stronger woman, too. However, that blonde former gymnast Anni is a strong and muscular girl and her most effective weapon is her fighting spirit: She's never giving up, even not in situations where most other girls would have given up long ago. Anni's stamina and her endurance and her sheer will for never submitting are already legendary and that might become even more legendary once a few of her fans will have watched this new wrestling match. She truly has the heart of a sports girl because she would never deliberately want to lose even then when she realises that her opponent is stronger and much more skilled than her: Anni would fight her on and fight her on and fight her on without submitting …. During their fight Eva would remove her sling string but Anni doesn't care whether or not her opponent is nude or semi-nude. She's just trying to avoid her own nudity. Eva however has different plans and during the fight she's removing Anni's thong who's so hard struggling that at first she doesn't even recognise that her body has become completely naked, too. Their completely soaked wet bodies didn't give her the correct feeling in that situation in that she had actually lost her wet thong. Anni was so hard and intensely struggling and fighting that she didn't take any notice about her own nudity. She simply didn't know that she was nude for at least a few minutes. However, when she became aware of her nudity, then it was far too late for rewinding or stopping that fight. Perhaps it was also Anni's incredible pride and spirit who didn't want her to look like a wimp or like a frigid woman and she did accept that (for her) unthinkable situation in that she was involved now. She just wanted to fight Eva! Watch some of the most intense grapevine pins and some of the most muscular female thighs locked together. Watch some of the most painful and longest head scissors you could imagine and watch a young woman who simply won't give up although you will soon have pity with her while you're hearing her heartbreaking snivelling because of her pain and her loud moans. The end of this match is simply incredible plus highly erotic. There's no sex in this match but we believe that you will soon understand what Anni was feeling during that whole match and particularly what she was thinking and feeling in the end of this match and what she was thinking about wrestling Eva with her wet and naked body. We're sure that she had probably made quite a lot of new fans with that match. Perhaps Anni did now create a little bit more attention of fans who didn't know her yet, plus those fans who weren't even thinking about Anni's full potential as per yet. In any case make sure to watch some of the best looking thighs and butt you'd probably likewise never seen on film before. Anni's upper thighs were likely once chiselled by an ancient Greek sculptor who loved athletic female legs.
  • DWW 1024
    This is a special semi-naked and naked oil wrestling match between Nina (yes, she's back!) and already popular newcomer Anni. The first ten minutes of this video are no wrestling but an introduction: Mutual undressing, a great dialogue and the oiling up. Don't miss the introduction because it's most interesting, sexy and somehow different because Nina had prepared a special game for Anni while experienced Nina wanted to achieve something. Anni, however, is completely into sports. She doesn't mind being sexy or topless for her fans because she's proud of her muscular body, but she doesn't want to have any sex nor doing any sexual or erotic things with women that aren't wrestling. Nina is trying to convince her but soon Nina understands Anni's strong will for having sports on the mat only. However, you'll be surprised! This is a full competitive oil wrestling match in tiny Malibu sling strings and those will display more skin than they could hide. Nina is better and fitter than ever and she's determined for showing Anni who's the boss. Of course Nina is a big woman and Anni is smaller than her. Also we know that Nina is an experienced expert in oil wrestling while for Anni this was the first time she had to wrestle against a slippery opponent in oil. Anni is wrestling aggressively but experienced Nina surprises her with some dirty tricks and with her oil wrestling experience. Perhaps if we wanted to, we could also realise that Nina had been able to weaken Anni against her will. There are ten submissions in this match and there are - amongst many other wrestling holds - particularly strong scissors and fantastic SGPINs. We're sure that our fans will love this competitive oil wrestling match which will finally end with two completely naked and exhausted wrestlers who're not yet completely finished with each other. This match simply isn't just great to watch for those of you who love the competition but as well as for those of you who love watching two perfectly built sexy female bodies in real combat who aren't holding back anything at all. We won't tell you about who's the clear winner of this match and we won't tell you about who was the better woman, but we should tell you that we really can't wait for seeing a rematch between them!
  • DWW 403
    Oris(19) vs Viktoria M. (26): Oris (19) vs Zsuzsi (27) Two pretty cheerleaders, pose for a photo, start a play fight until the younger claims she is physically stronger. The older woman isn't afraid of a challenge and a wrestling match starts right away in cheerleader costumes. Its competitive, to decisive pin. The longer it goes on the more they swear. Finally, one suggests continuing without clothes and challenges her opponent to do it nude, woman to woman. A real battle follows as they test their strength to exhaustion. Their breathe heavily as each feels each other gorgeous body pressing into hers. Their legs intertwine, each soft pussy bounces on the other, the four breast and nipples start their own private fights. Soon they are hot for each other. You see it first in their eyes, then in their moves.. They start kissing, then fondling until lone comes intensely. Who's the winner? Anyone who watches this match !! This is NOT a sex fight, but a real wrestling match till the exhausted girls do what comes naturally. If you don't want to see nude girls or sexually aroused women, even if the match is fully competitive, then this isn't your taste. The second match is also competitive, tiny g-strings. Two great female bodies struggling, the older trying to counter the superior aggressiveness of the younger by using her female weapons. They both finish nude, No sex but highly erotic.
  • DWW 413
    The standard of wrestling in these nude matches is as high as in DWW's famous topless wrestling, so that if you did not know these girls were naked you would hardly realise it. All the girls here have great skill and even greater determination to win both pins and submissions. Statuesque Viktoria is a great wrestler and her younger opponent Jana, despite her natural aggression, has a tough time in her first nude encounter. She finds little Ingrid much easier to deal with. Viewers may find Ingrid's match with Vladka thrilling as their voluptuous breasts crash into each other simultaneously with full-on womanly contact. Each of these ladies is "all woman". Finally, Bea and curvy Zsuzsa very much want to find out who is the stronger. Uninhibited by intense, intimate contact, these two enjoy celebrating the rival power of their bodies in a proud, all-out struggle.
  • DWW 424
    Never mess with Jana ! This had always been the headline of the previous generation as whenever they did, they were on the losing end. Today's new generation doesn't know Jana's catfight abilities and therefore they probably still underestimate her. Probably Leslie actually did believe that she could beat Jana when she spilled water all over Jana's body and attacked her aggressively. Jana did respond in kind. When Leslie was in trouble she pulled at Jana's thong and it ripped off. Nevertheless, Jana is mature enough for not being shocked when she's nude. It's quite the contrary, she even got more aggressive now and she ripped Leslie's thong into pieces as well. This is a wet, nude and most aggressive catfight with trash talk, lots of vicious hair pulling and a few but aggressive slaps. Jana at her best and Leslie as aggressive and determined as you'd probably never seen her before. This is quite definitely one of DWW's finest and sexiest catfights ever and a true collectors item !
  • DWW 427
    It is very hard to find the right words for this fight. This match even left the person speechless who's currently typing this text. Absolutely incredible and probably even beyond most of your fantasies if you enjoy hard fighting and strong woman with one woman significantly enjoying to dominate and to humiliate her victim but the victim not giving up at all but fighting back all the time with all she could do even though she soon had realised that she's the weaker woman. But she fights on and on and on, no matter if this would be her last fight or not. This is a nude wrestling match in the garden on the wet mat that turns more and more aggressive the longer it goes. Leslie is a true fighter and when she turns to hair pulling tactics, Gloria is getting quite upset, particularly because the hair pulling is extremely painful when the hair is wet. Although Gloria is warning Leslie several times, Leslie continues to pull hair even more brutally, in order to have a better chance as she's a born fighter. Perhaps she went too far as Gloria lost her temper and started to beat her up completely. Usually most other women would have run away in tears after a few seconds, but not so does Leslie. This is the story of a true fighter! If you haven't watched yet a woman fighting to the end although she certainly knew that physically she had no chance at all, then you can watch this for the first time here. This stuff is simply incredible. It is as Leslie had told her: "I won't stop fighting you unless I am unable to continue". She fights and fights and fights and doesn't even stop when Gloria gives her a chance to get out of this mess. And a mess it is. As both women are getting such outraged – totally nude of course - they forget about the mat and about everything else, forget about rules. They forget about their environment, leaving the mat, even continue their fighting on the painful grass, running at each other, pushing, trash talking, whatever a real fight gives. Will there be a real domination ? You bet there is ! Will the loser finally give up ? You have to watch to believe. If we wouldn't have known that these two women actually know each other for a long time and that both of them are very clever and intelligent women, we would have had to break and to stop this fight because it went clearly out of hand. But we let them continue to the end. There is hardly one fight where you could watch the real spirit of two women better than here. There is hardly one fight where you could ever watch real emotions both on the giving as well as on the receiving end any better and more real than here. There is hardly a fight where you could watch the dominatrix enjoying her domination any more intensely than here. Finally the loser gets sort of panic, but the winner is so much excited and into fighting that she hardly could stop what she's still doing to her. And somehow she's sexually turned on, too. Both bodies are a mess, both are wet and full of mud and dirt. It's a match beyond any limits but it's completely thrilling and fascinating at the same time. Oh no, that's not a sporting Olympic style match and nor it is even, but it is a fight. Completely real ! They are (or were, or still are) two real life friends. Incredible ? Watch the end to believe how female fighters really are and how close erotic and fighting in our brain cells obviously are. What you can see: Wet and muddy naked muscular bodies completely entangled, hair pulling, cruel head scissors, nude face sit pins, sgpins, scissors, chin locks, domination, humiliation, erotic, incredible fighting spirit plus two of the hottest women you could think of during about 20 minutes of the most intense fighting we can remember. Did we say that we were speechless ? Yes, we still are, since this lengthy description doesn't even tell you 1 percent of what this match is all about !
  • DWW 378
    The only way to pin your opponent in this nude wrestling round robin is the face sit pin for a count of ten. Uncomfortable and frustrating for the loser it may be, this move has proved to be unsurprisingly popular with the male buyer. These four shapely mature women all understand what is at stake. Each struggle desperately to avoid the thorough and unmistakable humiliation of her opponents pussy being ground mercilessly into her face while being very keen herself to dish out whatever sexy punishment she can give. You'll see distressed capitulation in the losers faces and proud triumph on the winners. The pins are both front and reverse , the camera work indulgent and detailed . indispensable for those who want to see uninhibited women get truly down and dirty.
  • DWW 653
    What a catfight this is! It's perhaps one of the best of the best of the best catfights on our site. It's almost unbelievable what these two rivals are doing to each other and how much their rivalry got out of hand in this apartment fight. If you had seen their previous matches then you already knew how evenly matched they are. Their previous wrestling matches were always close of becoming catfights. But this catfight is getting much more than a catfight. It's a real fight between two real female rivals that doesn't really end when it is over. This is for honour and female pride and they are fighting each other like two real enemies. The longer this fight goes the hotter and the more nasty it becomes. Their hair pulling is unbelievable but when it isn't sufficient for making the opponent submit they're going to rip clothes and panties with almost terrible wedgies. Ouch, that hurts! Although this is a topless catfight by definition, we had to put it into the nude section as the longer it goes the less their dress does exist and sometimes they're almost getting more than nude. Fiercest hair pulling, merciless head scissors and brutal crotch smothers are just a few things you might consider shocking you. This match is NOT for the feinthearted at all. Please, please skip it if you're feinthearted! This is for catfighting and for extreme fighting fans who're already experienced with good catfights! This match calls of course for an immediate revenge and we strongly believe that both women are not yet finished with each other although there is a proud winner in this match! It's a catfight as a catfight should be and we believe that it's one of the few catfights where everything is getting and fitting perfect and a catfight that might only happen once a year. The finish of this match is as outstanding as the whole catfight is: Unbelievable! You'll watch it again and again and probably you'll hope for a rematch as much as we do. Let us know in your reviews! Perhaps this is the "catfight of the year"? Who knows?
  • DWW 664
    This is a topless wrestling match with only face sit pins and head scissors submissions allowed. There is an interesting interview with both wrestlers before their match begins, taking away approx. 5 minutes of the total running time. We all do know that beautiful Eva is no match for bigger, stronger and more skilled Denise. However, we also know that Eva is a real fighter and she doesn't care who her opponent is. She even attacks Denise and she isn't afraid at all of her. This match is quite interesting (though one sided) if you like to compare Eva's success with Emanuella's success in the same kind of wrestling match. Who did better? This is great content for all of you who love watching very long sgpins and face sit pins and head scissors with hard struggling beautiful women in real matches.
  • DWW 665
    This is a topless wrestling match with only face sit pins and head scissors submissions allowed. There is an interesting interview with both wrestlers before their match begins, taking away approx. 5 minutes of the total running time. This is the third and last match of the Denise series with the face sit pin and head scissors rules. Mel is very strong and definitely she's not an easy opponent for Denise as it's always pretty hard pinning her. Mel gives Denise a great fight but could she be successful? Compare her efforts and her success with the efforts of Eva N. and Emanuella in the same kind of wrestling match. Who did better and who made the best match versus Denise? We're curious what you'll think about these matches and about your opinion and reviews once you would like to compare those three Denise opponents with each other. This is another great content for all of you who love watching very long sgpins and face sit pins and head scissors with hard struggling beautiful women in real matches.
  • DWW 682
    This is the wrestling match most of you had waited for a long time to see it happening. This is the Duel between the sisters Lucille and Pamela. It's their first physical Duel in history. Pamela is the elder and the taller sister but Lucille is already wrestling since a longer time and she's got some more experience. Will this be enough for the younger sister for teaching her elder sister a lesson or will her elder sister prove the pecking order in their family? Both young women admit in their short interviews that a match between sisters is mentally a very tough match and very difficult. There's much more than pride at stake. This match is extremely aggressive and obviously there's no love lost between them. Is Lucille going to settle an old rivalry once and for all? Will Pamela humiliate her younger sisters' pride in front of a crowd of wrestling experts? This is definitely one of the best and most exciting wrestling matches in a long time. It's a fast and furious match and it takes half an hour before one of the two sisters will finally be triumphant! This is a match everybody should have seen for being able to talk about it. It's definitely one of those matches you cannot see every day. Very much recommended!
  • DWW 426
    Marielle vs Nina : starting topless they are both soon loosing their tempers once again after a few minutes they are semi nude to nude. Spilling the hot mat with water makes their bodies wet and they are even more sexy than they already are. There is only one goal " sitting on the helpless loser once the match is finished"
  • DWW 450
    Denise vs. Anastasia: two beautiful muscular young women in a hell of a catfight that turns into a nude anything goes catfight! There are excellent scissors and stunning hair pulling scenes . both women gave everything they could making this fight very exciting!
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