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  • FVE 27
    Description: 1. LYNDA and LUCY ; 2. SAMMY and ALISON ; 3. ALISON vs. LUCY and LYNDA ; Naked Lucy is.quietly reading a magazine when her intimate, and equally naked friend Lynda appears. There are no secrets between these two, and Lynda, after telling Lucy how sexy she's feeling, begins to caress her. At first Lucy submits but after a while she's had enough and starts to resist. A light but arousing pin wrestling session then begins and its outcome will have you wanting more. And more. Blonde Sammy then meets luscious Alison in a nude pin session. It soon transpires that one woman wants to dominate, resulting in a rather one-sided pin, with total humiliation for the other. Lucy and Alison are feeling a bit randy, and start to cuddle. It isn't long before Lynda appears, and eagerly wants to join in. She doesn't wait to be invited, and soon poor Alison finds that she's the underdog as the other two turn on her. Lynda though can't resist exploring her ally Lucy's inviting body - and neither can their victim!

  • FV 130
    1) Danni v Isabelle ( an Affair of Honour) 2) Alison v Charmaine ( Borrowed Dress) 3) Alison v Chantelle & Jay (Playground Battle) This is Festelle's first historical drama, and it's a sizzler, featuring Festelle favourite Danielle and newcomer Isabelle. Set at the end of the nineteenth century, the story concerns the enmity between two actresses, one a Londoner and the other who left her native Brazil after killing a rival in a duel. Soon after her arrival in London , she creates another scandal by stealing the other woman's lover. An ill-tempered encounter leads to a challenge to a duel with swords 'till blood be drawn' The duelists strip off their Victorian finery and face each other stripped to the waist. Swords clash and after blood is indeed drawn, the lusty English girl sportingly insists that they settle things the English way - with a naked catfight... In the next episode Alison and Charmaine fall out over a 'borrowed' dress. Neither woman is prepared to back down, and a fight to the finish ensues. One strips the other naked, but she's repaid in kind, and that's how they settle matters. There's some good dialogue in this one! The third story also features Alison, who has a very sexy way with words, together with Chantelle and Jay. 'Schoolgirl' Alison falls foul of her headmistress, and blames sneaky Chantelle. Chantelle isn't really a match for Alison until Jay comes to her rescue whereupon an erotic battle royal ensues.
  • FV E18
    1) Kirsten v Mandy 2) Danni v Laura

    Erotic wrestling with a difference! In each of these matches one girl suffers the humiliation of losing her knickers during the action at the hands of her opponent. In the first fight Kirsten and Mandy, tow strongly-built lovelies, start their quite aggressive wrestling match in sexy black panties, but before too long one of them is forced to yield hers, and has to continue her match totally naked. In spite of suffering this loss she continues to put up a good fight, but the end is inevitable.... Next it's a black v white confrontation as blonde belle Danni takes on black beauty Laura. This is another really energetic wrestling match but after not too long one of the women is forced to relinquish her sexy briefs only to reveal her womanhood to us in all its shaven glory. But she's not finished yet by any means, and her rival has her work cut out to subdue her naked quarry!
  • FV 170
    1 DENISA v STARR 2 LUCRETIA v REDD 3 LUCRETIA v STARR It's often said that when women wrestle in the nude they tend to lose their competitive instinct. Well, Festelle have often proved that theory wrong in the past, and in this latest all-nude offering they've done it again! Blonde, long-legged Starr is a major find, especially for those of you who like sexy older women (35 years). Denisa is a strong, experienced fighter, and both women want to win. The result is a fast, fairly aggressive fight, closely fought but ending, rather surprisingly, in a decisive victory. Next, flame-haired Redd takes on Festelle favourite Lucretia. Redd is a big woman, but the more agile Lucretia proves a worthy opponent with a substantial arsenal of wrestling skill which stood her in good stead against the heavier woman. The last fight is an interesting one. Starr and Lucretia looked a well matched pair and the newcomer had obviously learned something from her earlier encounter with Denisa, pacing herself well in this fairly gruelling match. Without giving too much away it's fair to say that Starr is learning fast and we can't wait to see her in action again Comment: A thoroughly exciting all-nude, all white v white contest
  • FV 187
    1 SHEILA v LUCRETIA 2 VIXEN v SILVER 3 LUCRETIA v JULIA 4 LUCRETIA v JULIA (Second Camera) 5 CANDY v LUCY B 6 CARLY v LUCY B The first three of these fights take place on mats rather than in a ring. The first is an open-air black v white match. fought over four rounds. It’s a fairly competitive affair with punches being traded continually and with neither girl yielding much. In the second match we have Silver, shaven-headed - completely shaven in fact - against Vixen, who is something of a good sport. The fighting is fairly aggressive though as Silver takes the initiative with some forceful punching. The next match is an interesting one in which baby-face blonde Julia starts defensively then as her confidence increases takes a more assertive role. The second-camera sequence is particularly satisfying. We were commissioned to arrange the next two matches for a programme on women boxing for Bravo. They take place in a ring, using helmets. The boxing is fairly light and, while both Candy and Carly fight nude, Lucy is topless.
  • FV 132
    1 BLACK ORCHID v SOPHIE 2 SARAH v JUDIE 3 BLACK ORCHID v ZOE Festelle hard woman Black Orchid takes on Sophie, a tough French girl from Enoble, in this match on mats. Sophie is an experienced boxer which stands her good stead in this no-nonsense five-rounder which at some points appears to be more of a fist fight with gloves on than a conventional boxing match! Both women are very fit athletes, and this is reflected in the close, but well-deserved decision. Highlights of this match, from a different camera angle, are also shown. The next two matches were shot at a private venue in a ring with a very small audience. Black Sarah really weighs in to her opponent, and the lissom Judie has her work cut out to keep her end up. She's well up to the task though, and the result is a really close fought scrap between two wee-matched women boxers. In some ways, the first fight on this tape is the best, certainly in terms of sheer determination. Zoe is plainly in a mean mood when she enters the ring, and she certainly doesn't get any sweeter as the fight progresses! Earlier, we described Black Orchid as a hard woman which holds equally true for this match. It is a fight which both women want to win badly; and you won't be disappointed with the outcome!
  • FV 133
    There's something uniquely exciting about this type of sport. The primitive spectacle of two athletic young women entering the ring to do battle with fists and feet, encouraged by a noisy crowd and accompanied by oriental martial music, is guaranteed to stir the blood! When the fights begin, your blood, already stirred, will begin to race. This is female aggression at its most merciless. Oh yes, there are rules of course, but nothing is allowed to stand in the way of sheer ruthless determination to win. These women fight as though, almost literally, their lives depended on the outcome - a Thai audience clearly has no time for "good losers". Before the fighting starts we are treated o an intimate glimpse of a private training session, where we see just how these girls are trained to be cruelly perfect fighting machines. The venue is an open-air one with a huge crowd surrounding the ring and the atmosphere is electric. There are eight fights in all, and the short duration of the first gives some idea of the carnage to come. This title will appeal to those who enjoy real sport, but like it hard - very hard indeed.
  • FV 134
    Plenty of variety in this Festelle tournament! The first match is a blonde v brunette confrontation, and these two big women take each other on in a bruising encounter full of determination and sheer grit. They've both come to the event with the intention of winning, and the victrix plainly enjoyed dishing out punishment to her gutsy rival. The next match is a lighter affair between the very physical Tracy, a Festelle regular, and attractive newcomer Denise. These young women may be lighter, but they are no less determined to prove themselves on the mat in a fast-moving and very agile match. The appearance on the mat of the exuberant Danni is always welcome at Festelle events, and in this match against tattooed tough woman Rachel she more than lives up to her reputation. Danni just has to win, and every time she fights, she goes all out for victory, but this is one of those occasions where she meets an equally determined opponent, with predictably stormy results! You'll enjoy the way Danni uses her long legs in this hard-fought contest. In the last match Denise makes a second appearance, this time against a rather older woman, Yvette. Well, Yvette may be older, but she's got an excellent body which she keeps in fine fettle. As a result she makes an excellent match for the lithe Denise. Neither of them is intimidated at the prospect of a fight to the finish, and when the verdict is finally announced it's obvious that both women know that they've been in a scrap!
  • FV 158
    1 REENY v KADY 2 NAT v SAMMY 3 REENY v CORNELIA When a gypsy trespasser is hauled before the arrogant Kady she threatens the poor girl with the police. Reeny however isn't as submissive as Kady expects and finds that she's been issued with a challenge - fight, with ever thing at stake - house, car, lover! Kady is too proud to back down in the face of such defiance and a fight to the finish ensues, with unpredictable results. Sammy is infuriated by Nat's failure to turn up for a date. In the nude fight outdoors that follows both women go for breast pulling and squeezing together with attacks on some int mate parts of the rival's bodies. In the third scenario Cornelia, an arrogant blonde East European, finds Britain's class system hard to accept when she's forbidden entry to a public garden because she's transgressed some a cane dress code. Reeny tries to teach her a lesson. Comment: Three black v white storyline catfights with plenty of breast attacks!
  • FV E61
    1 APPLE v VIXEN 2 APPLE v STARR Apple is one of the most physical black girls on Festelle's books and in this encounter she is really in the mood! What better opponent could she face than that other Festelle favourite Vixen. The two make a great contrast as they face each other, Apple, pert and lissom, Vixen, slightly more sturdily-built and seemingly the stronger woman. Appearances can be deceptive though, and after a fairly gentle start including some light 'choking', matters start to warm up with Apple teasing her opponent verbally then removing her knickers, quickly followed by her own. The black girl immediately gets to work with some more serious straddle before some highly-charged mutual enjoyment. Starr is another matter. In this match the contestants are nude from the start and the tall, shapely Starr makes a stirring contrast to her foe. Apple is still in assertive mood while Starr appears ready to accept whatever the black girl can dish out. This is an intensely erotic affair, and the high point is probably reached when Starr, thoroughly aroused, gets on all fours with her shapely buttocks invitingly parted so that Apple can have her wicked way...
  • FV E84
    ROSA v CHEYENNE ~ STARR v TANYA Devotees of Festelle know that there is nothing sexier than two fit women wrestling naked on the mat, and then giving way to the more tempting pleasures of the flesh. That’s precisely what happens in our first encounter here, and the girls involved make it a particular must for your collection. Polish maid Rosa is being sexually harassed by buff house owner Cheyenne, whose fitness honed body belongs on ‘Baywatch’ or similar. Resisting her advances at first, Rosa agrees the two should settle their differences in a fight. The clothes and G-strings soon come off, and before too long powerful, dominant Cheyenne is holding an initially protesting Rosa in all manner of holds, while caressing and kissing her in a red hot, sexually charged manner. In our second encounter, the action switches poolside, as busty blonde Starr and dusky sunbathing beauty Tanya get involved in a dispute that can only be settled one way. Rolling aggressively together on the grass as the sun beats down on their bodies – already wet from a dip in the pool – their thoughts soon turn to other matters...
  • FV 131
    1. DANNI vs. SOPHIE ; 2. BLACK ORCHID vs. KAREN ; 3. JUDIE vs. SARAH ; 4. ZOE vs. BLACK ORCHID ; More nude wrestling! The first two matches took place at a club event on mats, the other two at a private venue in a ring. The first match is amazing! It must be one of the most ill-tempered and aggressive matches we've ever featured, and one in which the term 'naked aggression' takes on a very real meaning. Danni simply cannot bear to lose, and here she faces a woman who knows how to wrestle, and intends to take home the prize money. The result is an explosive match which even had the - referee worried! In the second match long-Iegged Black Orchid appears against gritty semi-pro Karen. This is another match that both women want to win, but the determination is marked by skill rather than anger. This is quite a stylish match, but there's no doubt as to which of the woman has the edge. ; Ash-blonde Judie faces lissom black contender Sarah for the next fight. The intimate atmosphere of the location seems to suit them both, and the result is a well-fought but sporting contest which was thoroughly enjoyed by ; Other select few who were permitted the privilege of attending. The same can also be said for the last match in which Black Orchid reappears to take on tough scrapper Zoe, a newcomer to Festelle. This match is perhaps surprisingly rather one-sided, but this certainly isn't due to any lack of effort by the smaller woman who stays grimly determined right until the end. ONE OF OUR STRONGEST NUDE WRESTLING TITLES.
  • FV 105
    DAWN (5' 6", 120 lbs) vs ANDREA (5' 8", 147 lbs) ; ZANABE (5' 6", 140lbs) vs GEORGIA (5' 9", 130 lbs) ; ANDREA (5' 8", 147lbs) vs CILLIAN (5' 4", 133 lbs) ; SONIA (5' 7", 150 lbs) vs SHERRY (5' 6", 140 lbs) Jamaican-born Andrea goes against newcomer model Dawn with great gusto. The black beauty, in her golden thong, frustrates the blonde raw recruit using her extra weight and the semi-grapevine hold to tremendous effect, pinning her adversary five times before the final bell rings, A very sporting competition between two new lovelies. Black Zanabe, sporting a silver thong, is challenged by Canadian Georgina in her inaugural fight. Both girls display a lot of enthusiasm and eagerness for the fracas they try experimental holds and maneuvers. It is a very evenly fought encounter until the Canadian secures two pins to the count of five. Body presses and headlocks are freely exchanged by these keen contestants. Andrea returns to the mat against Liverpudlian Gill, the heavier womans' dark skin and slimmer appearance contrasting with Gill's greater girth. The fighting is fast and furious with tempers heated until Andrea pins the Liverpool woman. In a titanic struggle Sonia opposes Sherry. These two ebony beauties battle skillfully for an opportunity to overwhelm their foe. Brute strength and determination eventually decide the outcome of this epic. This tape is a collector's item for the connoisseur of the female fighting scene.
  • FV 128
    1 Cat vs Sarah
    2 Sandra vs Miss B Havin'
    3 Tracy vs Sarah
    4 Tracy vs Black Orchid

    This title has been compiled to appeal to those of our customers who particularly enjoy seeing a black girl in action against a white opponent. The first fight features determined Mancunian Cat in a lightweight match against Festelle favourite Sarah from London . It's a particularly agile match with a noisy audience offering plenty of advice! Despite injury to one of the contestants she gamely returns to the fray to fight to a rousing finish. This match was much more closely fought than the final score suggested. Two very confident women enter the ring next. The feisty Miss B Havin' (from Canada ) dives straight into a savage attack on her Zambian foe. Both wrestlers just oozed self-confidence and Miss B Havin' in particular plainly thought a great deal of herself and didn't seem to pleased to find herself pitted against an opponent who really knew how to handle herself! They both gave everything they had and were exhausted by the end. Sarah then reappears to take on Tracy, another Festelle regular and a semi-professional. This match really was a quite stirring struggle for supremacy, and the pride in the face of the winner when the verdict was announced tells us all we need to know. Tracy also appears in the last match, against the long-legged Festelle favourite Black Orchid. As usual, the black woman gives her all, which is only just enough against a determined scrapper like Tracy .
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