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Festelle Video

FV-131 FV-131


1. DANNI vs. SOPHIE ; 2. BLACK ORCHID vs. KAREN ; 3. JUDIE vs. SARAH ; 4. ZOE vs. BLACK ORCHID ; More nude wrestling! The first two matches took place at a club event on mats, the other two at a private venue in a ring. The first match is amazing! It must be one of the most ill-tempered and aggressive matches we've ever featured,...View Detail

FVE 27 FVE 27

FVE 27

Description: 1. LYNDA and LUCY ; 2. SAMMY and ALISON ; 3. ALISON vs. LUCY and LYNDA ; Naked Lucy is.quietly reading a magazine when her intimate, and equally naked friend Lynda appears. There are no secrets between these two, and Lynda, after te...View Detail

FV 130 FV 130

FV 130

1) Danni v Isabelle ( an Affair of Honour) 2) Alison v Charmaine ( Borrowed Dress) 3) Alison v Chantelle & Jay (Playground Battle) This is Festelle's first historical drama, and it's a sizzler, featuring Festelle favourite Danielle and newcomer Isabelle. Set at the end of the nineteenth century, the story concerns the enmity between ...View Detail

FV E18 FV E18

FV E18

1) Kirsten v Mandy 2) Danni v Laura

Erotic wrestling with a difference! In each of these matches one girl suffers the humiliation of losing her knickers during the action at the hands of her opponent. In the first fight Kirsten and Mandy, tow strongly-built lovelies, start their quite aggressive wrestling match in sexy blac...View Detail

FV 170 FV 170

FV 170

1 DENISA v STARR 2 LUCRETIA v REDD 3 LUCRETIA v STARR It's often said that when women wrestle in the nude they tend to lose their competitive instinct. Well, Festelle have often proved that theory wrong in the past, and in this latest all-nude offering they've done it again! Blonde, long-legged Starr is a major find, especially for t...View Detail

FV 187 FV 187

FV 187

1 SHEILA v LUCRETIA 2 VIXEN v SILVER 3 LUCRETIA v JULIA 4 LUCRETIA v JULIA (Second Camera) 5 CANDY v LUCY B 6 CARLY v LUCY B The first three of these fights take place on mats rather than in a ring. The first is an open-air black v white match. fought over four rounds. It’s a fairly competitive affair with punches being traded conti...View Detail

FV 132 FV 132

FV 132

1 BLACK ORCHID v SOPHIE 2 SARAH v JUDIE 3 BLACK ORCHID v ZOE Festelle hard woman Black Orchid takes on Sophie, a tough French girl from Enoble, in this match on mats. Sophie is an experienced boxer which stands her good stead in this no-nonsense five-rounder which at some points appears to be more of a fist fight with gloves on than ...View Detail

FV 133 FV 133

FV 133

There's something uniquely exciting about this type of sport. The primitive spectacle of two athletic young women entering the ring to do battle with fists and feet, encouraged by a noisy crowd and accompanied by oriental martial music, is guaranteed to stir the blood! When the fights begin, your blood, already stirred, will begin to...View Detail

FV 134 FV 134

FV 134

Plenty of variety in this Festelle tournament! The first match is a blonde v brunette confrontation, and these two big women take each other on in a bruising encounter full of determination and sheer grit. They've both come to the event with the intention of winning, and the victrix plainly enjoyed dishing out punishment to her gutsy...View Detail

FV 158 FV 158

FV 158

1 REENY v KADY 2 NAT v SAMMY 3 REENY v CORNELIA When a gypsy trespasser is hauled before the arrogant Kady she threatens the poor girl with the police. Reeny however isn't as submissive as Kady expects and finds that she's been issued with a challenge - fight, with ever thing at stake - house, car, lover! Kady is too proud to back do...View Detail

FV E61 FV E61

FV E61

1 APPLE v VIXEN 2 APPLE v STARR Apple is one of the most physical black girls on Festelle's books and in this encounter she is really in the mood! What better opponent could she face than that other Festelle favourite Vixen. The two make a great contrast as they face each other, Apple, pert and lissom, Vixen, slightly more sturdily-b...View Detail

FV E84 FV E84

FV E84

ROSA v CHEYENNE ~ STARR v TANYA Devotees of Festelle know that there is nothing sexier than two fit women wrestling naked on the mat, and then giving way to the more tempting pleasures of the flesh. That’s precisely what happens in our first encounter here, and the girls involved make it a particular must for your collection. Polish...View Detail

  • SBA 95
    This is Roxi's toughest facesitting challenge yet. Lovely is a super sexy, super aggressive chick with a mean streak. She totally makes Roxi kick, gasp and struggle for air. Roxi's neck is injured and her orbital bone was also injured from some face bouncing. Just think this girl thought she wasn't being aggressive enough. You should see Roxi try to eat Lovely's ass to stop the facesitting, her arms are pushed away and she is facesits deeply for trying to get off easy. Will post her contact info soon, maybe she will do sessions.
  • MM 509
    Debra loves to suck cock, it is orgasmic for her to do so. This video shows her sucking on four men's cocks at different times pleasing herself and her playmates. UNREAL deep throat action! Some great facesitting also in this oral delight video.

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