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  • SWT SHR 30
    Lee Ann vs Shelby (NUDE) - The REMATCH! Shelby beat Lee Ann badly on our last flyer. Lee Ann gets a second chance! (last time Shelby tortured Lee Ann's breasts) Lee Ann gets her good this time. Such HUMILIATION. After a hot battle, Lee Ann takes the upper-hand. Boob punishment! Sweet Revenge. She makes Shelby kiss her butt and her crotch!

    Ginger Lynn vs Dolly - Brunette Ginger Lynn goes all the way in this wild & sexy battle against blond Dolly. This fight in the ring turns into two sexy naked & busty vixens out to humiliate. Dolly doesn't have a chance. Dolly HATES Ginger Lynn! Ginger Lynn sits on her face and smothers her with those massive 42 DDD breasts. Face sitting. Ginger Lynn finally makes Dolly submit and lick Ginger Lynn's hot nipples as final humiliation.
  • SWT SHR 35
    REMATCH! Blond and busty wildcat Brittany is out for revenge! Redhead Miss LeAnn is her challenger! This battle takes place in the ring. Brittany wears a red lace string teddy and LeAnn is wearing her favorite color mistress black. These sexy outfits don't last long because these two start ripping them off! Hair pulling, arm stretching, choking, body scissors, and choking on the ropes! Watch these two athletes stretch and warm up before the match! They do the splits and more warm-ups. You just must see it!

    Sexy Blond beautiful Kyle challenges newcomer Ricki in the ring and in the nude! Hot wild wrestling at its best! Hair pulling, hair mares, head scissors, body scissors, biting, sling shots, stomach punches, boob & nipple torture just to name some of the hot action that takes place in this clash of sexy naked bodies. These girls show no mercy! Beautiful Young Wild Violent Women Attacking at FULL FORCE! Submission Ending! Powerful!
  • SWT SHR 9
    Julie vs. Ca…Sexy bikini ring action!! It was so hot; we had to hose down the ring. Their bodies are wet and shimmering and the tiny bikinis sling in all the right places. Super sexy and great action too! Too hot to describe. Cat really gets pissed when Julie slaps her in the face, then it's so long Julie. Super sexy action Teri vs. Lisa… Battle of the Best! The meanest meets the badest!! This is one of the hardest hitting slams ever. Throws, hitting and pain, move after move. These pros are out to cause pain, ad sexy too! You can't miss this incredible hard hitting, powerful, painful battle of the best! CHECK IT OUT!
  • SWT MD2
    Ginger Lynn vs Armand / Veronica vs Dick Ginger Lynn vs. Armand...Topless...Mixed If you like domination, huge boobs, many kicks to the stomach, hits to the balls (again and again), punches, humiliation and much more...you must see this video. Ginger Lynn rides her victim like a horse, throws him all over the ring and basically beats the holy living shit out of her victim. She enjoys biting him again and again and again! Most of all she loved punishing those balls and that stomach! She DESTROYED HIM! To make it more exciting, she almost smothers him to death with those HUGE BOOBS! This one will blow you away! Veronica vs. Dick...Topless Wrestling / Boxing This blond French vixen really knows how to kick ass. This boxing match has no ref and no rules. A fight until someone drops or gives. This French wildcat gets the submission she longs for. She beats and pounds and pounds and beats her victim. She chokes him and uses those long strong legs around his neck to control him in a head scissors while she bites him more! She makes him give and makes him give loud! This French blond tighter has Huge Boobs and a fiery temper. Hard, HARD HITS!
  • SWT MS 6
    Sexy tan Teri, clad in a bikini, takes on Scott. Hard hitting, slamming, exciting powerful wrestling at its best: Finally Teri overtakes him with her experience. On a scale of 1 to 10, this is a 9 1/2!! Don't miss it!
  • SWT MWW 8
    Lisa vs Jan Flame (PRO STYLE WRESTLING) The real stuff. Pro moves. 3 short 5 - 7 minute matches. Body slams, DDT's, punches, slaps, drop kicks, sleeper holds, plain old power packed wrestling! Cat vs Teri (PRO STYLE WRESTLING) Tan brunette Ten challenges sexy busty Cat. They are both great wrestlers but Teri has more experience.Even with a knee injury she finally succeeds in taking the poor beauty and teaching her a lesson.
  • SWT VP3
    Scott vs Cat - In the wrestling ring, clad in a skimpy bikini, Cat tears into Scott. Scott gets some good moves in too! After a few minutes Cat takes over and proceeds to teach Scott a lesson. He loses pathetically. Tiffany vs Ron - Tiffany crushes Ron in an apartment. The weapon: a pair of tan muscular legs; The move: powerful leg scissors... and much more. She finds out that Ron is married, revenge and humiliation are on her mind. And she goes for it. Ron ends up beaten by this blonde hard-body vixen.
  • SWT SHR26
    Lee Ann vs Shelby (TOPLESS BOOB TORTURE) This is the video you have to seel Two hot wild absolute beauties fighting it out in the ring. Boob hitting, pinching & nipple twisting. A long boob humiliation ending. Lee Ann gets tied on the ropes and Shelby hits angry Lee Ann's boobs. Pinches, twists and even bits her nipples! This one is HOT! Humiliation! Boob & Nipple Punishment! Gabrielle vs Genny (TOPLESS) Genny definitely has the upper hand throughout this match. Frail Gabrielle doesn't have a chance. Both of these young ladies are only 18 years old. Young, pretty, sexy, topless women wrestling.
  • SWT SHR 7
    Teri Vs Michelle -- VERY BLOODY TOPLESS WARNING - NOT for the squeamish! Teri really does it to poor Michelle. Michelle is topless from the beginning. Teri dominates her throughout. Poor Michelle takes a real beating. She can't take any more, but Teri keeps on. It's brutal. It's violent. It's bloody and sext, too she makes Cat recite phrases. She makes her kiss her feet again and again. Cat cries. Michelle doesn't get enough. It goes on and on. She makes Cat call her "master". Sexy, humiliation.
  • SWT AWW 1
    A competitive match between these two beauties. The outfits are sexy g-string one piece suits that can't stay in place. The action long and hard, body to body! Hold after hold until Lisa gets Crystal in a twisted hold she can not escape from. Finally she realizes her defeat and submits. Wearing similar outfits, but with the sexy addition of spike heeled thigh high boots. In the ring these busty beauties do body slams, back breakers, headlock take downs, hair mares, head mares, lots of hair pulling working of the legs, biting, head scissors, and much, much more!! Lot's of long hard holds again. Lot's of real action.
  • SWT PP1
    Bad Girls Vs Reggie These powerful athletes battle it out with no holds barred. Kicks, stomps, slams, power, power and more power. It's wrestling at it's best. Sue Sexton Vs Fiery Shannon Shannon is an attractive and skilled wrestler. She has some tricky moves and some long legs. This young redhead gives Sue Sexton an action packed match.
  • SW MX2
    Match #1 -- In this match we introduced a new wrestler to our crew of butt kickers, beautiful April. She is as strong as she is beautiful. During this match April was having a hard time controlling David so LeeAnn hopped in to give her a hand. The two of them taught David a lesson he will not soon forget! They tied him up and put him in the splits until he could not take it! OUCH!!!! Match #2 -- Brittany has got her work cut out for her when she gets challenged by Charles. He is a strong guy, but Brittany has the moves! She hits him, kicks him, picks him up on her shoulders and slams him down, choke holds, head scissors, and more! Skill vs Strength! Skill wins with a submission ending!
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