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  • SOAP 474
    The always tough, Rain DeGrey, faces off against the busty powerhouse, Bella Rossi. The action starts fast and furious as Rain literally jumps Bella catching her off guard and submitting her within seconds with a side choke. The choke tweeks Bella's neck but she shakes it off and braces herself for a long battle against the relentless Rain. Rain uses her speed to take early control of the match as she continually submits Bella with her signature side control choke. Bella can't seem to stop it as she gets caught again and again with this same hold! Bella finally gets pissed off after taking this early beating and turns the tables on Rain, getting her back and squeezing Rain with a devastating body scissors that is too much for the blonde to take. But the submission on Rain is only a temporary victory as Rain comes storming back, taking control of the match once again with her speed and superior technique. Speed kills as Rain starts to dominate with chokes, body triangles and scissor holds as she wears down the bigger Bella as Bella simply can't hang with the pace Rain sets. This is the beginning of the end for Bella as Rain exerts her dominance and wears down the stronger Bella until she is putty in Rain's hands. From here, the domination turns into humiliation as Rain takes great pleasure in talking as she gives it to Bella every which way imaginable. There is no mystery in the end who the alpha female is in this match!
  • SOAP 468
    Mistress Kara shocked us when she defeated Isamar in her debut match, and though she lost to much more experienced Ariel X next, Kara is towards the top of the Academy "food chain" after only 2 matches. She is big and strong and dominating (she IS a dominatrix...), has trained on her own, and knows her way around more than a few submissions. That being said, power wrestling is her thing.

    Her opponent is sexy blonde veteran Rain, who has really picked up the Academy submission-only style. After losing her first four matches in 2011 against the toughest Academy has to offer, she's rebounded by winning both her matches so far in 2012, and has been mean and nasty each time.

    Kara is stronger and supremely confident. Rain has much more experience (both here and elsewhere) and is ready to battle...

    Unfortunately for Rain, this girl is just too much for her. Fans of watching a vet getting dominated by a stronger newcomer will love this, as Kara uses headlocks, scissors, and chokeholds to beat down her foe, and clearly enjoys dishing out the punishment. Rain battles back hard, but is just overcome by the bigger, stronger woman.

    After squeezing out a final submission, the big brunette straps the tool on and settles into fucking her opponent long and hard, before administering oral sex and happily forcing her beaten opponent to suck her nipples as a finale. Tough, no bullshit wrestling followed by rough, erotic sex, Academy style!
  • SOAP 473
    Busty Bella Rossi takes on hard-bodied Kait Snow. Bella gains early control with her superior strength and traps Kait in an excruciating scissor/full nelson combo hold. Kait can't take the pain and taps for the first submission of the match. From here the battle rages on as both struggle for position until a deadly scissor hold literally squeezes the fight out of one of these warriors and she is forced to submit. The loser is forced to administer oral sex until she gags then is thrown to the mat and fucked long, hard and rough-the Academy way.
  • SOAP 478
    Pre-match, both girls flirt with one another as Kym questions Beretta to size her up. The action starts fast and furious as Kym takes immediate control tangling Beretta up in a beautiful scissor/armlock hold that has the sexy brunette tapping within seconds.

    The second fall is a marathon of wills and struggle as both girls battle back and forth ripping bikini tops off. Kym seems to have the upper hand, enjoying herself and her dominance over Beretta as both girls fondle one another throughout the match clearly enjoying the entanglement. In fact, Kym enjoys it so much she begins to spank Beretta, adding humiliation to the wrestling dominance as both girls continue fighting in the buff.

    This match is an even contest in every sense with both girls fighting with all their energy and spirit leaving the end completely up in the air. But inevitably, we know the loser is going to get what is coming to her and will probably thoroughly enjoy it as the chemistry between these 2 hot brunettes is electric. Forced to suck the winner's cock, the loser is flipped over and fucked on her shoulders with her legs dangling in the air as she gets it hard and fast. The loser grunts and groans in pleasure as maybe losing isn't that bad after all? Pain and then pleasure…the perfect mix for the loser that will surely be sore after this one.
  • SOAP 477
    Audrey vs Kait, the classic blonde vs brunette matchup. Before the action begins, both girls feel the other out with questions to size up their opponent’s skill and experience. But once the wrestling starts, all love is lost as these two girls battle intensely.

    Audrey takes early control of the match, and begins to dominate with her superior strength and takes control of Kait’s back, almost choking her out several times but the blonde keeps escaping her finish. Eventually Audrey wears the blonde down, gets her back again, but this time finishes her with a perfectly executed choke that has the blonde tapping fast.

    The string bikini’s come off in the next stanza as both girls strip down and settle into another test of wills and endurance. Audrey still seems to have the edge, overpowering Kait and mounting her time and time again. But Kait is resilient and comes battling back fighting her way out of all the scissors and chokes Audrey can throw at her. She even escapes an immobilizing crucifix Audrey has her flayed out in, wiggling out to face off for another round.

    But as the end draws near, one girl begins to impose her dominance and slowly, methodically humiliates her opponent with submissions you can set your watch to and the loser of this match really gets a full dose of cock in the end. First, she is forced to gag on it, then she gets it hard from behind as the winner takes great pleasure in forcing the loser to take it every which way imaginable until the loser is exhausted and beaten in more ways than one. A true, banging Academy-style beatdown!
  • SOAP 36
    Drop-dead gorgeous blonde Hannah Janssen at 5'6" and122 lbs. challenges hot newcomer Rubye Reilly at 5'4" and 115 lean, hard and muscular pounds. Rubye is a complete novice but has abeolutely no fear of the taller, more muscular and more experienced Hannah and goes after the blonde beauty with tight scissors and breast smothering pins. Will Hannah's experience edge native ability? The winner gets her victory fuck from a fully beaten but unbowed loser but somehow we think things might go differently next time!
  • SOAP 35
    All-Aslan, Competitive Submission Wrestling and Pro Am to Victory Fuck Conclusion. Rosy, the 50 year-old 5'4", 125 lbs. Cambodian/Vietnamese fitness model, powerlifter, and adult movie actress had two wrestling experiences with Academy champion Jade Imohar, Japanese-English Jade whipped Rosy's ass and made her eat pussy in an AX-File, but Rosy got a choke-hold submission from Jade (working as "Reyna") in a subsequent war. Today, Rosy came back looking to become Academy's #1. Jade, at the exact same size and age, wants to cement her position as the all-time Academy queen. After 15 minutes of all out competitive wrestlfng, one wrestler proves to be so incredibly dominant that the wrestler being beaten asked us to save what was left of her ego by making the rest of the video Pro-AM. So the next 15 minutes of wrestling is Pro Am, with a powerful Asian champion performing overhead lifts, flips and body slams till her muscular opponent begs to lick her asshole and suck her dick! 52 minutes of competitive amateur wrestling and erotically charged sexual domination.
  • SOAP 34
    Drop-dead gorgeous blonde Hannah Janssen at 5'6" and 122 lbs. challenges world-renown Asian spitfire Santana to an all- or-nothing wrestling match for the ultimate stakes! Santana backs down from no one and takes the battle to the taller and stronger blonde, but both women give it everything they have before a winner emerges and takes all the fruits of her victory. Lightening quick headlocks, tight scissors and breast-smashing pins abound as both women want to win without injuring her partner and neither wants to wind up "face down, ass up"!
  • SOAP 33
    We shot this match when petite hard body Kandie was really a novice at submission wrestling and sexual domination. Blonde Kandie, who we've since seen go all out against Bobbi Boudreau, Angella Artis, and Holly Moss, was really tentative with her earlier opponents. But we knew she was capable of intense competition and scheduled tiny Eurasian dominatrix Simone specificafly to heighten Kandie's aggressiveness and skills. Tiny Simone is well conditioned, quite strong, and, as a professional dominatrix, used to having women voluntarily submit to her. Simone tries as hard as she can but just doesn't have the strength or skills to push Kandie to her limits and Kandie takes full advantage of this A rare opportunity to beat up and fuck a very sexy Eurasian lover. Novice level amateur wrestling and highly experienced strap-on sex.
  • SOAP 32
    Sexy and aggressive blonde Kandi at 5' 2" and 115 Ibs. takes on powerful newcomer Andi Katz at 5' 4" and 125 gym-toned pounds. Andi has vastly superior strength and Kandi has more experience! This one came down to who wanted it more. Head and body scissors abound, as do double arm bars and dominant face sit pins as one woman starts to take control in what becomes a one-sided slaughter. The loser gets to suck the dick then is victory tucked to orgasm by a very butch winner! All REAL Wrestling and Complete Sexual Domination!
  • SOAP 31
    Drop-dead gorgeous blonde Hannah Janssen at 5' 6" and 122 Ibs. accepts the challenge from novice blonde wrestler Cindy Forcade in this all-real nude sex-fight. There is nothing faked at all as Cindy, at 5' 7" and 116 fit and sexy pounds really wanted this and gets all she wanted! There is a stronger, superior, more dominant wrestler and she proves it by beating her out-matched opponent mercilessly with scissors and humiliating face-sit pins. Your winner makes her victim suck dick, then fucks her senseless with a huge 8 inch strap-on! This is one super hot babe that can kick ass! Hannah just keeps getting better and better! All REAL Wrestling and Complete Sexual Domination!
  • SOAP 29
    Sexy newcomer Amber Wolffe, a hot little blonde at 5'7" and 112 pounds, challenges the rapidly improving and drop-dead gorgeous blonde Hannah Janssen at 5' 6" and 122 pounds, to a competitive match. Hannah readily agreed, but it had to be "loser gets fucked" rules. Amber does well for a rookie and catches Hannah on several occasions with powerful scissors and headlocks, but Hannah demonstrates her constantly growing skill set of chokes, reversals and arm bars till one battler closes the debate! The loser sucks dick and gets fucked just right, coming to a screaming orgasm from her champion's big dick! This is one super hot babe that can kick ass! Hannah just keeps getting better and better!
  • SOAP 28
    The Academy's #1 all-time most beautiful wrestler accepts the challenge from sensationally talented Nadine. Nadine has superior skills and uses her long and amazingly strong arms and legs to tangle the Playmate - beautifulk Karen in incredible knots of pain and frustration. Karen tries out her own scissors and neck cranks but Nadine is too god! She pins Karen and forcibly kisses her, splits Karen's legs wide open and tongues the blonde dripping wet, then forces the lovely loser to beg to be fucked. Nadine is as relentless trying to make Karen orgasm as she was to defeat the blonde wrestling, rubbing Karen's clit as she fucks Karen hard from every conceivable angle.
  • SOAP 27
    100% all-real Japanese vs. Anglo-Japanese competitive submission wrestling to a LOSER GETS FUCKED conclusion. From the Jade Imohara archives comes an amazing all-out competitive wrestling encounter between two very powerful Asian women, perfectly matched in size (both are 5' 4", 128 rock-solid pounds)and temperament (both love competitive wrestling as foreplay to rough female-female sex). Eurasian champ Jade Imohara is strong as an ox but smoothly muscled and very feminine. Japanese Jade Blue is all punk with a blonde crew cut and thighs built to squeeze from long hours of kick-boxing. You'll see forced face-sitting, brutal head and body scissors, cross-body pins, breast to breast and crotch to crotch pins, and the utter physical and sexual subjugation of very powerful Asian woman by her more powerful champion.
  • SOAP 26
    The Academy's #1 all-time most beautiful wrestler goes 100% all out in amateur submission wrestling against voluptuous Asian-American Red Menace. We shot this during a transition period from pro-am to real competitive submission wrestling and 80% of the video is real all out competitive with scissors, neck cranks and dominating pins. The last few minutes of fighting leverage our old pro-am fantasy ways as the better wrestler throws her beaten opponent mercilessly before sitting the nude loser out and summarily fucking her silly with a huge 8" strap-on! What a gorgeous woman fighting and fucking with everything she's got!
  • SOAP 25
    A gorgeous Academy newcomer calling herself "The Executioner" tackles sexy redhead JennX in this all-out wrestling encounter. Both women are 5'5" and 121 rock-hard pounds with 36CC, six pack abs and great legs. This one goes the distance until one beautiful body maneuvers her pussy atop her opponent's face leading to a "loser gets fucked" conclusion that has one hot body butt-up and fucked!
  • SOAP 24
    Drop-dead gorgeous blonde Hannah Janssen at 5' 6" and 122 Ibs. begged for a shot at Sabrina and really shows off her rapidly growing skills by whipping the shit out of Sabrina. forcing her to eat snatch, and fucking her senseless with a huge 8-inch strap-on! This is one super hot babe that can kick ass! Hannah just keeps getting better and better!
  • SOAP 23
    Semi-retired champion wrestler Jade Imohara made a rare return to the Academy mats just to get her hands, pussy, and mouth on former Miss Nude California Nikki Knowles. Nikki's a strong woman who can really wrestle, and the women start out going 100%, but Jade is so much better and stronger that Nikki, typically on top, gets too turned on to resist. Jade can have any man or woman she wants and today she wants, and gets, Nikki in a butt-up victory fuck finish! After the match, Nikki said "Damn that Jade just kicked my ass and seducedd me at the same time".
  • SOAP 22
    Nothing fake, nothing staged. All real wrestling between blonde Hannah Janssen, at 5'6" and 122 perfect pounds, and newcomer Savannah Hoover, a strong and sexy brunette with a slight weight advantage and a lot of attitude! The only rule: the winner gets to victory fuck the loser! Great wrestling with an incredible cock-socking fuck her pussy conclusion!
  • SOAP 21
    Strap-on Nikki introduces wonderfully beautiful blonde newcomer Hannah Janssen, at 5' 6" and 122 pounds, to fuck-fighting the Academy way. At 5' 4", and 125 perfectly packaged pounds, Nikki knows just the right balance of torture, domination and seduction to get Hannah begging for release. Then out comes the big dick and does Nikki know how to use it!
  • SOAP 20
    Long-time Academy fans know that no one anywhere gets beat up like cute little strawberry-blonde Sabrina. Sabrina challenges 5'4", 120 pound Cambodian power-lifter Rosie Rockett and gets just what she asked for - a strong, assertive, dominant bitch who loves to beat up and fuck women! Poor Sabrina is tied in knots, pinned,squeezed into submission and forced to eat pussy before the coup de grace - 8 inches of hard plastic dick up her pussy to a screaming orgasm! Awesome!
  • SOAP 18
    Sexy Eurasian champion Jade takes on incredibly beautiful newcomer Karen when the champ finds the blonde body face-fucking Jade's personal beat-up doll. The golden-haired Karen may be the most beautiful woman you have ever seen wrestling, but will beauty overcome Jade? A rollicking victory suck and fuck settles this one!
  • SOAP 17
    Nikki Knowles vs. Karen Collins. Picture two rock-hard fitness models, one blonde and one brunette, in a "loser gets fucked" match that both wanted to win. These are unbelievably beautiful-women in solid and aggressive pro-am wrestling with a strap-on finish that exceeds your wildest dreams!
  • SOAP 16
    Nikki Knowles vs. Red Menace. Nikki, hired by Jade to get AAA's wrestlers into shape, declares Red Menace as her new protege. Powerful, sexy Red Menace, wearing a hot red Olympic-style singlet, says "beat me first". So Nikki, who loves to whip up on gorgeous Asian meat, does just that -twice- then fucks her conquest silly, making the Red Menace suck the dick clean, then fucks her again for good measure!
  • SOAP 15
    Nadine versus Chaz Champion. That's right. It's Wrestling at the Academy for Real Strap-On Academy Promotion cross-over! No "Pro-Am" flips or staging - Just pure submission wrestling and fuck the loser till she comes. A great fight as each wanted to prove herself better, and to drill the other with the big dick. No faked wrestling. No faked victory fuck. No faked orgasms!
  • SOAP 13
    Susie Wong versus Marie Mondragon - Tiny Filipina Marie, at 4' 11" and 105 pounds, wanted this 'Loser-Gets-Fucked' rematch with Susie Wong after the Chinese superstar sat her out in ACA #63. What she gets is an all real, nothing staged, nothing faked fight, and the winner claims her prize by strapping on the weapon and drilling her poor victim mercilessly from behind.
  • SOAP 12
    Justine Jones versus Chaz Champion - Blonde dynamite Justine, at 5'7" and 130 fighting pounds tackles little Chaz Champion at 5'2" and 110 in this loser gets fucked thriller. Chaz's petite but power-packed body sports great musculature but she might lack the mass to deal with Justine's furious assault. The loser is compelled to put on her tool, then take the winner's long dick long hard and heavy. The images from this one will -- stay with you long after the final orgasmic submission
  • SOAP 11
    Jade Imohara versus Shandi Sullivan - Eurasian warrior queen Jade is muscular, beautiful, dominant, and proud - a true champion in every sense of the word. Men vie for her favor. Women leave their husbands to drink at the fount of her sex. Jade has had her way with every women to challenge her, including the taller, stronger and even more beautiful redhead Shandi (see ACA# 60). Today, you'll see this great warrior queen laid low, laid out, and laid. Her muscles bulge as she sucks the big dick before being unceremoniously humped and pumped to orgasm after orgasm by her magnificent conqueror!
  • SOAP 10
    Sabrina West and Miko Handa - Super beautiful Miko Handa, the Japanese bitch from hell returns to San Benito to see if she can give blonde Sabrina (the world's greatest loser) the "beat her up and fuck her" lesson of a lifetime. These girls are both 5'4" and 115 pounds of hard body, pussy loving, bitch and they flip, strip and slam each other mercilessly till a ringing submission is registered. Then the fun starts as first one, then the other, petite fighter gets fucked. The loser ends up folded in half with her own strap-on dick shoved down her throat!
  • SOAP 09
    Taira Takahashi versus Justine Jones - Two of California's top dominatrixes fight all out for 30 minutes before one really takes control in this awesome strap-on riot. Justine is tall, strong, graceful, and blonde, with big beautiful tits and a hard plastic dick. Eurasian Taira's got a model's face, powerful thighs and arms, and the most dominant personality of any woman we've ever met. When the fight is decided and the reluctant loser has to submit, the fi'ght's champion only gets more assertive, driving the beaten loser into depths of depravity you've never experienced. No longer reluctant, the loser gives it up like you've never seen and gets fucked senseless! WOW!!
  • SOAP 8
    Tiffany versus Jade - Jade Imohara needs the tax break funding research San Benito University offers. Sexy newcomer Tiffany - a former ballerina with the most incredible, all natural 38DD breasts, beautiful red hair and gorgeous long legs - wants the science grant, and the psychology grant. Tiffany fights as hard as she can against the shorter, more powerfully built Eurasian champion, and she's good, but good enough? One woman goes down in defeat, then goes down in sex, then begs to get fucked, which her dominant champion is only to happy to oblige. A Great Video!
  • SOAP 7
    Susie Wong versus Samantha Soames - Blonde beauty Samantha has an apartment for rent - Chinese Susie needs a place to flop. Samantha will let Susie have the rent, in exchange for the blow job that Susie is happy to provide (this woman could suck a golf ball through a garden hose). But if Samantha wants to fuck Susie in the ass, and she does, she's going to have to do that by force. What a fight as these evenly matched, super titted bitches struggle for supremacy until its finally decided. And the loser gets fucked, hard, to a brain-rush orgasm. Fantastic bodies. Strap-on sex!
  • SOAP 6
    Taira Takahashi vs. Chaz Champion - Chaz Champion has had both Taira and Justine on her TV show - Taira didn't care for the way the broadcast played out. Today, Chaz and Taira will be meeting in the the ring to settle it - no holds barred! At 5' 6" and 130 lbs., Taira has four inches and fifteen pounds on muscular little Chaz, but Chaz just won't quit. When a winner is finally decided, she gets what she really wants: to get fucked by the best. You'll see a 9 inch strap-on dong, sucked like a nipple then delivered long and hard, front and rear, and again and again.
  • SOAP 05
    Jade Imohara vs. Sabrina West - This should have been outlawed. Meet Jade Imohara - 5' 4" and 125 lbs. Japanese/American and a powerful accountant. Jade has tight tits, rock hard thighs, incredible flexibility and an 8" strap-on monster that Sabrina gets a closer look at than she'd actually wanted. Jade delivers pro-style body slams and an unbelievable power slam to poor little Sabrina, then drills the beaten blonde to multiple screaming orgasms before settling back to let Sabrina "make it up to her".
  • SOAP 04
    You're Not So Beautiful Now - Susie Wong and Nadia Netrov meet to determine who gets to rule the roost! The loser gets fucked! Men Are still stunned at Susie's incredible 3/4" nipples; but Nadia has such pure beauty that even gorgeous Susie takes second place in the looks department. Who wins? Hard wrestling from two strong and sexy -- women leads to hot face-straddles and ultimately deep dildo penetration. - Another great SOAP adventure!
  • SOAP 01
    Taira Takahashi vs. Susie Wong - Japanese American Taira Takahashi is 5'6" and 130 lbs. of hellfire. San Benito's premier professional dominatrix accepted a rare "bottom" session with hot Singapore slut Susie Wong - for $250 Taira's letting Susie kick her ass. But when Susie wants to slip her dangling dong into Taira's twat, the Dom. takes over and smashes into sexy Susie with murderous intention! You'll be stunned at the outcome to this amazingly hardfought brawl - one proud and lovely Asian doll gets flipped, stripped, and fucked with the strap-on until she comes in Technicolor!
  • SOAP 306
    Local bondage model Penny Play returns for her fourth outing at the Academy. After easily handling her first opponent (a newbie), Penny squared off against two solid vets in Isamar and Ruby, and handled herself admirably, though not successfully. Penny starts out in a sexy mini skirt, Isamar in tight sweatshirt that barely contains her eye popping chest. At 5'7" and 140lbs. Penny towers over longtime Academy star Isamar, and is in great shape. Known primarily as a "submissive" in her other endeavors, she is definitely not that here on the Academy mats, and Isamar seems unprepared at first for Penny's quickness and agressiveness. The action is fast paced and Isamar definitely has her hands full with the vastly improved Penny, who manages to get Isamar in more than a few compromising positions. Though one girl dominates in the submissions, this is not a blowout-to the contrary these two go at it tooth and nail FOR ALMOST 45 MINUTES, using scissors, chokes, face straddles, boob smothers, smashing pindowns and some sexy trash talk to boot. This one is close to the very end, which makes it all the more satisfying for the victor as she fucks the loser until she is completely satisfied. This one could be worthy of an end of the year "Academy Award".
  • SOAP 309
    "We love Madison Young" is a phrase often heard around Academy Videos, and with very good reason. Over the last couple years, the slinky, sexy redheaded bondage model/adult star has shown herself to be quite the competitor, battling some of the toughest girls at the Academy with speed, agility, flexibility, and a ferocity that belies her sweet, innocent look. She loves to win-and dominate! Today Madison is "thrown a bone" in petite Asian Amanda Tran. At barely five feet tall and 100 pounds, Amanda is neither strong nor skilled enough to pose much of a threat to her foe, and Madison knows it from the start. This video could easily be called "The Madison Young Show", as the bondage babe completely overwhelms Amanda for over half an hour, forcing numerous submissions and countless squeals from her overwhelmed foe. Wrestling, kissing, and fondling all come together as Madison spins her seductive web. The domination continues right into the victory suck and fuck, as Madison calls all the shots (and positions) for the seemingly shy Amanda, who takes it like a schoolgirl being deflowered. A must see for the fans of the dominant side of Madison Young.
  • SOAP 100
    These two did a silly roll-around and giggle for some other company before we flew them up. They were told to forget everything they thought they knew and fight – loser gets fucked. These two incredibly hot blonde adult video starlets get after it like veterans. They mean business. There's no animosity as these are long time lovers in real life, but there's a competitive edge you can feel as Sabrina, 5'3" and 120 pounds of ripped, six packed abs and tightly toned limbs is stunned to find herself helpless beneath the 5'0", 105 pound Lainey, time and again. Sabrina is certainly a lot stronger, but Lainey doesn't back down an inch and secures a submission that Sabrina denies, leading to a very dominant finish with a helpless loser coming!
  • SOAP 94
    A custom rematch between Aisian Jasmine and blonde Kandie. Booked by one of our longtime friends, "John's" script was simple: Have Kandie call my cell and talk some trash about whipping Jasmine's ass, then let them go for real. The only thing he wanted was for Kandie to lift Jasmine over her head and slam her several times, but he wanted the superior wrestler to win and fuck the other. Both women readily agreed and what follows is a fine match between evenly matched women with similar skills and determination. Kandie is certainly stronger, but Jasmine is quick and skilled and can absorb amazing punishment and keep on coming. This one goes nearly 45 competitive, unstaged minutes until one petite battler secures a surprisingly imaginative nelson-like hold using her legs and the mystery is over. And loser gets what SOAP users always get – the run end of the big black dick!
    Long, lean and luscious Wenona brings her ripped and rock hard body back to the Academy for a whole new experience is competitive submission wrestling. The five foot, ten inch Wenona towers over her opponent, but Isamar has a few more matches of unscritpted wrestling under her belt. Both women have tightly muscled bodies toned with regular workouts and healthy regimens. Both are strong, quick, and well conditioned. Its anyone's match to take control of and by the time the fighting is over there's a clear winner who dictates exactly how she wants satisfaction from her well beaten but highly aroused victim.
  • SOAP 96
    Big Italian-American Olivia felt that both Isamar and Jasmine were too small for her to wrestler. At 5'6" and a solid 145 Olivia has that curvy full bodied frame that both Isamar and Jasmine find damn appealing; Olivia has the sweetest sexiest smile imaginable . of course none of Olivia's charms stopped the two women from crawling all over her, kicking her ass and screwing her into submission. In fact Ismara wasn't planning on staying till the end but then decided to get a piece of Olivia. Nearly 40 minutes of unscripted one-on-one and two-on-two wrestling.
    The very best of Strap-On-Dildo sex action taken from teh SOAP video collection. The Strap-on sex leaders give you only the ass up/face down loser gets fucked finales that make this strap on series one of a kind. Scene after scene where the winner really pounds it to her beaten opponent and fukcs her long, hard and righteous.
    The very best of Strap-On-Dildo sex action taken from the SOAP video collection. The Strap-on sex leaders give you only the ass up/face down loser gets fucked finales that make this strap on series one of a kind. Scene after scene where the winner really pounds it to her beaten opponent and fukcs her long, hard and righteous.
  • SOAP 262
    This super sexy brunette isn't very physically imposing about her shoulders and back and arms, but her legs are strong, she's damn quick, smart as a whip, flexible as another whip, and capable of suffering incredible pain before submitting. Amber walked off the street and gave Isamar all she wanted a few weeks back; its Dia's turn to get the full Amber-ization treatment. The blond is bigger, stronger, more experienced, better trained, and unwilling to loose. Who will win? Well, both women submit, both women cum, and both women cant wait to rematch!
  • SOAP 243
    Two months ago, Asian American Kitty Langdon made her wrestling debut against Madison Young and got bruised, battered and fuck for her troubles. Before she left Kitty called her girl-friend, Tia, we all chatted and today , Korean-born Tia Ling brings her hot little body, brick hard six pack abs, tight arms and gym-toned thighs to bear on Kendra Ray ( aka Candence Calabrese). Tia is bright and aggressive and is in incredible condition. But will these wonderful attributes help Kendra , who is 5 inches taller and 14 lbs heavier than her tiny antagonist? Tia keeps coming and Kendra keeps dealing out the punishment and by the time the fight is over one hot, tight lithe young body is going to learn the hard price of losing at the academy!
  • SOAP 236
    Gorgeous, charming, sweet, elegant, glamorous, and downright adorable a real adjectives our customers have used to describe Alexis DuVall. Tall and Strong, Alexis has all the tools to be an excellent wrestler except one, aggression. Over the past couple years Alexis has wrestled three prior matches and each time she's been twisted, tapped, squeezed, and battered into abject submission by women smaller then her. Today she gets Abby. Abby and Alexis are the same height and within 10lbs of each other Abby is simply an order of magnitude more aggressive. Any wagers on the outcome? We love Alexis but she's zero and four. Is that early retirement option still available?
  • SOAP 232
    Academy wrestling introduces yet another hard-bodied new comer to the world of real competitive submission wrestling and unscripted strap-on sexual domination! Kitty Langdon is a relative novice to wrestling but not stranger to the gym. At five feet four inches and 125 lbs, Kitty has turned her body over the past 10 years with a strict gym regimen . The 30-something Asian America MILF is fit, fast, smart, aggressive and ready to whip some white girl ass! Standing between Kitty and victory however is five foot six 135 pound Dia Zerva. The blond hellion had just completed a match against Isamar Gutierrez that didn't turn out exactly how she had planed, and Dia, although weary and freshly fucked, has no intention of going ass up for another smaller women in the same day! This is a match up between a larger and an experienced but weary blond bruiser against a smaller but not necessarily weaker Asian novice and the outcome is anything but certain as kitty starts fast and gives Dia all she wants and than some! And the loser gets fucked exactly the way the winner wants her fucked with no cuts, edits, or director scripting the action!
    Every best of strap on dildo sex action taken from soap-83,85,86,87,88,98. The strap-on-sex leader gives you only the best. The loser gets fucked finales that makes this video one of a kind. Scene after scene where the winner really pounds it to her beaten opponent fucking her hard and righteous.
  • SOAP 218
    We love Goldie Blair! Smoking hot, sexy, strong, busty, feisty, aggressive, and one of the nicest women that we have ever met! Goldie with her vast experience in scripted wrestling and catfighting, really loves to wrestle for real and has been chomping at the bit to return to the academy mats for another go-around. Alexa VonTess has yet to do any fake wrestling , having years of experience doing erotic competitive wrestling at another site. In addition to having a beautiful face with killer blue eyes, Alexa is very bright and eager to learn. Learn she has taking ass whippings from two of our best ariel X and Isamar , but Alexa is getting the hang of things and has beaten Kym Janes and Amanda Tran, and fully expects to dominate busty Goldie with her new found ability to get on top and ride women to exhaustion. Goldie has a few tricks of her own and wants badly to get a win against sexy Alexa. Only one can win and the loser gets what losers get—roughly used and discarded.
  • SOAP 259
    Longtime veteran Isamar returns to the mats to introduce newcomer Tina to the ways of girl on girl erotic wrestling, Academy style. Though not nearly as busty as the voluptuous Mexican, Tina is slightly taller and quite athletic looking, and doesn't appear intimidated by the more mature woman. Though both ladies get subs early on, Isamar gradually takes over the action, using her ample feminine charms to squash Tina numerous times with sexy facesits and breast smothering pindowns. Talking trash with her sexy accent, Isamar appears to coasting to an easy victory fuck over the game rookie. But Tina has other ideas, and after surviving more of Isamar's erotic onslaught of tits and ass (as well as some 69 action and forced finger fucking), Tina turns it on, and the real, albeit brief, battle for ultimate victory ensues. Shortly thereafter, after scissoring her opponent from behind for a submission, one woman manages to get hold of her previously discarded bikini and gleefully ties her soon to be victim's arms tightly behind her back. Unable to untie her arms, the vanquished woman (Tina? Isamar?) has no chance, and is pounded silly with a strap-on before the satisfied winner stands over her conquest, removes the "tool", and ends the loser's day with a wild, trash talking, breast squeezing reverse facesit!!
  • SOAP 284
    Back in January, big and string brunette Natalia Love helped get the Academy off to a great start to 2009. Natalia, debuting against equally powerful Gia Deveaux in SOAP 238, scored a huge victory and left worn, happy, and brimming with confidence. Today Natalia leaps directly to the head of the class, challenging one of the Academy's best ever in Abby Aldrich. Natalia is nearly as tall as Abby at 5'7" and weighed in within two pounds of Abby's rock solid 150 pounds. Natalia learned fast on her last visit, and showed up early for extra training before matching with Abby. Bright, aggressive, strong and ready for action, will Natalia deliver on her promise to give Abby the roughest challenge in two years?
  • SOAP 287
    Long limbed, lean, and lesbian Zoe Chandler returns to the Academy looking to make a fighting reputation for herself by battling an Academy mainstay, sexy Sun Wa. Blond Zoe's debut was inauspicious; she got beat up and fucked mercilessly but a younger, smaller woman. Today Zoe really wants to show that she has what it takes to say she belongs on the Academy mats. Sun, battle-tested against the best the Academy has had to offer over the past five years, has no intention of allowing the taller and very aggressive Zoe to earn a reputation at Sun's expense. Zoe holds nothing back, attacking Sun relentlessly and with passion but does she have the skill or strength or stamina to stay with the Korean-Black veteran? The question is answered emphatically. One warrior gets her ass handed to her, wrapped in a bright red ribbon of pain and humiliation as she is forced to submit to face sits, jack knife pins, arm bars, wrist locks and scissors before being summarily fucked, face sat and forgotten on the mat.
  • SOAP 272
    Tough hardbody blond Andi has been busy at the Academy and it shows in her skills. Andi faces, literally, her biggest challenge yet in Gia Deveaux, who outweighs the blond by 25 pounds.

    Gia had her debut in SOAP 238 against Natalia Love. Gia is back, and ready to show what she learned.

    Andi is quick, and has better skills and conditioning, but the weight and mass of Gia makes this seem like a disaster in the making for the blond. The fight is surprisingly even, with lots of scissors, high hard pins, and joint locks, but there is a decisive winner and the losers gets exactly what she deserves!
  • SOAP 216
    It was almost a year ago to the day that Mira Li Wen first met Sean Quigley and beat her ass into abject submission. Today the Academy releases the re-math between red haired Sean, at five foot inches and 142 powerful pounds and five foot three inch, 118 pound Mira. Sean begged for a chance to avenge her earlier loss and Mira, who we don't get to see often enough, reluctantly agreed only after Sean called her directly. On paper it looks like Seans just too big and powerful for the slender Chinese champion, but Mira just keeps getting better and Sean figures out pretty damn quickly that Mira simply too quick, too skilled, and too aggressive for her. Sean gets, again, exactly what she asked for, plus a double dose of ass-whipping on the side!
  • SOAP 310
    Incredibly hot Kym Jane brings her fantastic and all natural body back to the Academy to do battle with hard-body MILF Kitty Langdon in this Asian vs. Brunette classic. Kym as a couple more matches under her belt than does Kitty, but Kitty is stronger, and smart as hell, and has learned several hard lessons from Isamar and Madison Young. The question is, has Kitty learned enough technique to bring Kym to submission or will Kym's experience give her advantage enough to gain the victory seat atop Kitty's cute little face? These women are almost exactly the same height and weight; and both go all out to win. Submissions are earned by each fighter but one takes control and absolutely imposes her will on the other at the end and both have screaming orgasms, bruises, scratches and clumps of missing hair before they leave!
  • SOAP 320
    Ahhh....The simplest of principles....hot blond on hot brunette in a wrestling match to determine which woman gets to fuck the loser any way she wants. A fantasy for most of us, all in a day's work at Academy Videos. 5'3", 120lb. brunette dancer Kym packs an all natural 36-24-36 build and is looking to improve upon a so-so record at the Academy at the expense of the more experienced Andi. Anyone who has seen Kym in action know she is a sight to behold, win or lose. Andi, for her part, 'aint no slouch. After easily winning her fist couple s (including one over Wenona),she was thrown straight to the likes of Synn, Ariel X, and Madison Young, and lessons were learned in each. The young California beach blond is also all natural, all tanned, and in no mood to let this "creampuff" move up at her expense. The outset of the match is mostly pins and scissors combinations, with one girl clearly proving to be stronger mostly, and her opponent fighting her off. Andi is quite strong and sexy. At about the midway point, it becomes clear that one is overmatched...with no way out. After scoring a handful of submissions, the soon to be winner goes on a full 10 minute erotic wrestling domination, leaving her opponent begging for the end to come. Out comes the strap on, and now the winner "gets hers", ramming her tired partner from every direction, Academy style...but with a little twist. After fucking the loser, the winner doffs the tool, facesits the loser, and "gets hers", so to speak!
  • SOAP 159
    Olivia d'Angelo versus Sean Quigley Big, bad, and brunette Olivia returns after several months' absence to do battle with equally big and strong Sean. Olivia stands five feet five inches tall and weighed in at a very solid 145 pounds. Sean, already buffed, bulked up to 138 to fight Olivia, who has a slight edge in experience. Sean has had her share of beatings and is quickly learning the craft, but Olivia is a very quick study and somehow knows what hurts. So will it be red haired Sean, with her rippling biceps, or raven-haired Olivia, with her generous hips and powerful thighs that carries the day? For two so evenly matched in size, strength, and experience, this ends up a one-sided affair and it is obvious from her expressions and demeanor that the loser did not enjoy the process! She gets pinned, squeezed, twisted, and tapped, then strap-on fucked, before the two headed dildo comes out so the champ can bring herself to orgasm at the spent and humiliated loser's expense!
  • SOAP 173
    Chinese-American Mira tackles Korean-Black Sun. Sun has more match experience but Mira learns more quickly than any woman we've ever worked with and this is an all-out, fully competitive struggle from the outset. Mira is much stronger than her slender frame would suggest and Sun has boundless energy, great flexibility, and boundless determination. Neither will submit to grueling scissors and neither will allow the other to lock in an arm bar or wrist lock. It goes over 30 minutes of back and forth fight – with muscles straining, sweat pouring, bruises, scratches, lost hair, before the only submission of the day is recorded. The winner does just enough energy left to drive her humbled opponent into screaming submission but the loser returns the favor by giving a victory fuck as good as she got to the wore, worn, exhausted but proud winner!
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