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Latin Catfights

LC 69 LC 69

LC 69

Faby and Kathya have never fought before but they go after each other like wild cats. To our surprise the veteran Kathya is unable to slow Faby down. Faby pummels her with slaps, punches, kicks and hair pulling. Kathya is stubborn and refuses to submit until Faby sits on her face, facesitting her in her ass while she punches her bell...View Detail

LC 79 LC 79

LC 79

After a tough loss Kathya left the premises with her money and did not show up for future tappings. To get back in good graces with myself and the girls she will have to be punished. She is tied to the X rack and each girl is given the opportunity to punish her. Her nipples are twisted slapped and punched as she writhes in pain and s...View Detail

LC 70 LC 70

LC 70

Newcomer Katina battles Marisa without fear or respect, both of these women are fast, aggressive and skillful. They slap punch, check, scissor, kick and maul breasts trying to secure the victory. One girl ties the other one up with her bikini top, spits in her face, slaps her face and poses over her with her foot on her belly. This i...View Detail

LC 71 LC 71

LC 71

Mature street fighter Kathya gets totally dominated and humiliated by fitness champ Brigitte. She gets thrown and slapped around like a rag doll before finding herself pressed to give up with Brigitte's panties under her nose. The loser of their first bout wants revenge and flies her rival at her rival and shows no mercy. She scissor...View Detail

LC 72 LC 72

LC 72

Brigitte and Katina are true female warriors who will not back down from a fight. They verbally humiliate one another after each painful punch, kick and slap. Kitana wraps her hands around Brigitte's throat and checks with all her might and starts pummeling her belly while checking her. Forward and reverse bare ass face sitting ends ...View Detail

LC 74 LC 74

LC 74

This 2 on 1 encounter gets out of control quickly. Danielle holds Kathya and Marisa bombards her with open face slaps, back hand slaps, punches to her tits and belly , knees to the abdomen and vicious kicks to her belly and legs. Kathya does her best to fight back but ends up screaming her submission at the feet of the winner. Fitnes...View Detail

LC 86 LC 86

LC 86

Kitty and Tatiana don't like each other and are willing to settle things in a no rules catfight. The winner of this grudge match gets $500 bonus. They fly at each other like wild she-cats, the room is filled with moans of pain as tits are squeezed, hair pulled, and all body parts are bitten. The vicious winner actually bites the ...View Detail

LC 88 LC 88

LC 88

Faby has been waiting for several years to finally have a re-match against Brigitte. She makes the most of it dominating her foe with belly punching, face-sitting, scissors, and strangle, trash talker Faby loves to verbally humiliate girls while she slaps the hell out of them. The fight ends as one proud warrior has her nose up her ...View Detail

LC 87 LC 87

LC 87

This is one brutal catfight as veteran Marisa destroys newcomer Naomali. Naomali is crying and sobbing for half this fight after being aggressively mauled, checked and bitten. The teeth marks are visible and so is the pain. I don't think shell have another catfight for us or anyone else for that matter. View Detail

LC 85 LC 85

LC 85

Tatiana and Kitana hate one another but mostly co-exist to take on other muscular fitness gal Brigitte. They take her on separately and than together to vanquish her before turning on each other. These girls are out for total domination via kicking, punching, slapping, and checking, scissoring, and verbal humiliation. They attack...View Detail

LC 84 LC 84

LC 84

Faby wants a rematch with Zoe after a humiliating defeat, to get it she must endure 8 minutes tied to the rack. While immobilized her breasts are mauled, nipples twisted, pussy groped and she gets bit with sharp teeth. To make matters worse she gets a pussy and ass placed in her face after being checked with a belt. Upon release F...View Detail

LC 81 LC 81

LC 81

Busty Daniella is to big and aggressive for Marisa, she submits quickly after having her tits bitter, pussy mauled, hair pulled, and face slapped over and over. Daniella even continues the onslaught after her opponent submits to her. Daniella makes quick work of the gorgeous Kitana who tries using her body scissors to slow the b...View Detail

  • SBA 95
    This is Roxi's toughest facesitting challenge yet. Lovely is a super sexy, super aggressive chick with a mean streak. She totally makes Roxi kick, gasp and struggle for air. Roxi's neck is injured and her orbital bone was also injured from some face bouncing. Just think this girl thought she wasn't being aggressive enough. You should see Roxi try to eat Lovely's ass to stop the facesitting, her arms are pushed away and she is facesits deeply for trying to get off easy. Will post her contact info soon, maybe she will do sessions.
  • MM 509
    Debra loves to suck cock, it is orgasmic for her to do so. This video shows her sucking on four men's cocks at different times pleasing herself and her playmates. UNREAL deep throat action! Some great facesitting also in this oral delight video.

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