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Trib Girls TV

TRIB 473 TRIB 473

TRIB 473

This is the fourth and last match in the second round of the WET TRIBGIRLS Championships 2010/2011. Now there are two previous winners sex fighting against each other. Other than in previous trib matches, this time it is a jury of sponsors who shall determine the winner after they had seen their match. Of course, such a decision migh...View Detail

Tribe 450 Tribe 450

Tribe 450

This is a sex fight between newcomer Luisa and Tribefight veteran Eva N. - who is a tough and an experienced trib-opponent. There's an aggressive pussyfight on the mat where Luisa shows skilled Eva how tough and ambitious she is. Eva realizes that she is challenged by a proud and agg...View Detail

TRIB 279 TRIB 279

TRIB 279

This is a unique and pretty special tribgirls match. Denise is Lucille's catfighting coach and the two women are having a short catfight training on the mat. Totally exhausted they are relaxing on the mat while the coach is trying to find out if her student is as hot as herself and perhaps ready for more. Much to the teacher's surpri...View Detail

TRIB 259 TRIB 259

TRIB 259

What a sexfight ! Almost an hour these two friends wrestle and trib on the mat in this long hidden gem (one out of many). Soon you'll have no doubt that Melanie is the stronger and the dominant one of the two women. There's also quite a significant chemistry between them. Particularly Jessica seems to be in love with Melanie and ador...View Detail

TRIB 328 TRIB 328

TRIB 328

Leslie complains that she should have been part of the 4-girls trib eliminations tournament as she's got the best physical advantage of all the women with her huge clit. Denise agrees that Leslie is the best equipped one out of all the women she knows, but she also says that there are other things that are much more important for bei...View Detail

TRIB 331 TRIB 331

TRIB 331

This is the very first trib of newcomer Ivy. The first 15 minutes are an excellent fight while the second 15 minutes are some excellent trib, particularly for a newcomer. We had hoped that Mariella would be a girl who could move Ivy one step further into the erotic world during wrestling. We were quite surprised seeing Ivy ┬ľ after s...View Detail

TRIB 339 TRIB 339

TRIB 339

This is an interesting sex fight in the apartment. Both Jenny and Antonia were trib beginners and so far they had their best fights only versus our trib experts, particularly Jenny only had matches versus expert women so far. Of course they both knew that they had no chance against any of our expert tribades, but this time they knew ...View Detail

TRIB 405 TRIB 405

TRIB 405

This is an excellent and long trib match and we strongly believe that this is one of the most erotic, the most exciting and most passionate ones in our history of tribgirls. Jenny receives a massage on the bed by Ingrid but Ingrid soon tribs her (both are topless and in panties) into a quick but intense missionary orgasm. Then they d...View Detail

TRIB 411 TRIB 411

TRIB 411

Sponsored by a group of true tribgirls fans, this match should determine once and for all the outcome whether or not Luna would be able to climb the throne in tribgirls, too. We do know that Luna is one of the strongest women wrestlers but we'd also seen her already doing some outstanding trib versus some of the best tribgirls availa...View Detail

TRIB 420 TRIB 420

TRIB 420

This contains a very interesting sponsored scenario: Petra and Mel are wrestling in bikinis and the loser of each fall has to remove one part of their bikinis. Not surprisingly, very soon after their match began Mel is completely nude. Big and strong Petra however has different plans: She enjoys Mel's body much more than her triumph ...View Detail

TRIB 423 TRIB 423

TRIB 423

If you want watching an almost perfect outdoors sex fight with the most sex fighting elements involved you could imagine, simply select that one. There are two proud and strong women who are never hiding their excitement for other women. There are two beautiful women who always love having a good sex fight and finally in the end of t...View Detail

TRIB 427 TRIB 427

TRIB 427

Mel and Vladka are preparing for a nude oil wrestling match. Vladka is much bigger than Mel but as always Mel is pretty confident that she could finish off Vladka, too, since she knows some good methods about finishing off bigger women. She had done that successfully even with Petra before. This time, however, passive Vladka is surpr...View Detail

  • SBA 95
    This is Roxi's toughest facesitting challenge yet. Lovely is a super sexy, super aggressive chick with a mean streak. She totally makes Roxi kick, gasp and struggle for air. Roxi's neck is injured and her orbital bone was also injured from some face bouncing. Just think this girl thought she wasn't being aggressive enough. You should see Roxi try to eat Lovely's ass to stop the facesitting, her arms are pushed away and she is facesits deeply for trying to get off easy. Will post her contact info soon, maybe she will do sessions.
  • MM 509
    Debra loves to suck cock, it is orgasmic for her to do so. This video shows her sucking on four men's cocks at different times pleasing herself and her playmates. UNREAL deep throat action! Some great facesitting also in this oral delight video.

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