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Renata (27) vs. Eva (18); Luzia (19) vs. Barbara (21); plus the two winners in the final match - If you know the famously stylish photograph by Helmut Newton called "The Big Nudes", you may have wondered which of the four girls would come out on top if they had a hairpulling catfight. Sometimes we can make our fantasies reality, so we brought together four of the most popular and attractive DWW catfighters to find out. First they posed as "The Big Catfighters" a la Newton, then, dressed in sexy evening gowns, they went at each other in rules catfights, in which everything was allowed except punching, scratching and biting. After the first fall, the loser had to strip to her panties and stockings, while the winner was free to keep her gown on or strip topless too. After the second submission, both had to be topless in panties and stockings, but they now could choose to continue wearing their silk stockings or not. The minimum length of each fight was set at 15 minutes. If there was a draw after this time, the next girl to win a submission would win the fight.

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