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This is the video you've been waiting for. Th-Resa must be seen to be believed. You'll see huge arms (17+) flexing and punishing her opponent. You'll see massive rock hard thighs pushing weights and then locked around the neck of her victim. You'll see huge calves swelling over tiny ankles. Watch as Th-Resa poses languidly in ultra-sexy lingerie. All this and more just for youl The video starts with a gym workout. Th-Resa pumps each muscle as the camera moves in for sharp, tight close-ups. No quick pecks here. These are nice, long, slow flexes so you can indulge your viewing appetite. Next, it's off to the mats for a work out with a larger, but weaker male. But most of us would be weaker. Th-Resa's not too tall but she is certainly mighty. 325 pound bench press, 550 pound squat and 315 pound shoulder press does indicate great strength. If there is any doubt, just watch how her opponent suffers in each hold. Once she locks her arms or legs around him, he is finished. There is no escape from her strength and speed. The finale for this video is an intimate portrait of this fine woman. She poses in three different, sexy, revealing lingerie ouffits. Watch her seductively explore her muscles for your fulfillment. This is shot in the bedroom with clear photography and muscle bulging close-ups. The climax to this sensual display of female muscle comes when Th-Resa takes her oil and slowly oils every inch of her gorgeous body. Be prepared to quiver.

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