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Alix decided Sonia needed an attitude adjustment. She felt Sonia acted 'stand-offish' to her at matches and training sessions. I think Alix was being a bit over-sensitive, but it made for a good match! These girls get tied up in some interesting holds in this match. This is the first match we have had at WWW where the bear-hug is used, and used effectively. We have school-girl pins, great scissors, cradle holds and more. They lay side by side in a tangle of legs and arms, fighting for control. I suspect some use of knuckles in the back may have ended the first fall, but I'm not sure. Alix was not ready before to face the likes of Sonia, but you will see an aggressive, competitive woman taking on a skilled, top-ranking wrestler here. Sonia is 5'8" and 128lbs, Alix is 5'4" and 135lbs. Sonia wears a bikini and Alix wears a black french-cut one-piece suit. The takedowns are fast, and the girl who lands on the bottom bucks and struggles to get out from under, sometimes only making matters worse. This match proved that Alix can take her place among the best at WWW. We are proud of the strides Alix has taken. Our first interview with Alix is after the match. We hope you find our interviews to be of interest, the women enjoy doing them. Here is another terrific match to add to your collection!

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