Crystal Real Fights 3 Rough Topless Catfights DVD

Released: 06/24/2023

Crystal Real Fights 3 Rough Topless Catfights DVD

    Monique vs Stormy
    Black females Monique and Stormy battle it out in this topless real fight. Stormy charges her foe like a ram, lifts and smashes her to the ground. Stormy traps Monique in a headlock then pounds her with numerous face punches along with body blows. They struggle to their feet and Stormy lands roundhouse punches to the face as they attack each other with hard kicks before quick punches to the chin knock Stormy down. Monique takes the top position and punishes her rival with body blows and face punches. This is a war between tough females that ends with the loser unable to breath after all out female fighting action.
    Hunter vs Rachel
    Blonde pig tailed street fighter Hunter is back this time taking on brunette Rachel. Rachel lands the first few hard body punches but is taken down, mounted and attacked with blows to the face and body. Rachel kicks her off but Hunter is relentless, trapping her rival in headlocks, taking her down and inundating her with aggressive strikes until Rachel cries out in pain and quits after a vicious punching attack.
    Taylor vs Andi-Rubber Match
    Tattooed, blonde badass Taylor and busty brunette Andi battle in this rubber match between rivals that have a long bitter history. They attack with kicks, punches and headlocks. Andi gets trapped between Taylor's strong thighs in a rib crushing head scissors before landing a barrage of punches to the head and belly to free herself. Andi then mounts her rival in a vicious body scissors and pounds her ribs with hard blows. A very rough back and forth struggle as they punish each other with hair pulling, face rakes, elbows across the throat and punches to the face and back of the head. The loser is finished off with a rib busting body scissors and beaten with rabbit punches until she quits and is left face down and severely injured.
    In all 3 outstanding real fights and 15 minutes of bruising bare knuckle action

Price: $ 29.95   (DVD)

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