Crystal Real Fights 3 Good Old Fashioned Catfights DVD

Released: 08/11/2023

Crystal Real Fights 3 Good Old Fashioned Catfights DVD

    Jill vs Kelly
    This rough topless catfight features slim girls in thongs attacking each other with hair pulling, kicks, punches, head scissors and lots of trash talk. The loser gets taken down and repeatedly punched in the face until she gives up, then a few more just for good measure.
    Leslie vs Tiffany
    This blonde vs brunette catfight features good looking girls who like to throw down! They come out aggressively throwing fierce haymaker punches with Leslie ripping Tiffany's shirt off her body and landing the heavier blows to the face. Leslie takes her rival down with a tight headlock, mounts her, then batters Tiffany with fierce hair pulling and a vicious barrage of face punches until the loser has no choice but to quit. Tiffany is granted an immediate rematch, blaming her loss on excessive hair pulling. This time it's Tiffany that comes out landing a series of devastating punches to Leslie's face, causing her to take a step back and make sure she still has all her teeth. Leslie comes back firing punches and pulling hair but a determined Tiffany won't be denied, kicking her rival to the ground and attacking with hair pulling and face punching. Leslie gouges Tiffany's eyes but can't stop this relentless attack and gives up after getting her face raked and punched to submission.
    Tara vs Massie
    Tara is clearly the bigger, stronger fighter and comes out kicking, slapping and hair pulling Massie to the ground. She continues the punishment with a series of brutal face punches giving the loser a vicious beating, breaking her nose, and submitting her in a nasty beatdown.
    In all 3 separate battles and 9 minutes of intense female fighting action.

Price: $ 29.95   (DVD)

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