Crystal Real Fights 3 Short But Vicious Battles DVD

Released: 05/03/2024

Crystal Real Fights 3 Short But Vicious Battles DVD

    Real fights are often short fights so here are three vicious female battles that don't last long.
    Elaine vs Sally Fight 1
    This is an all out real fight between females wearing garters and stockings. Elaine comes from a fighting family and rates her catfight with sister Deb as her fiercest. Sally is a busty barroom brawler who promises to hit hard and fast. They attack with powerful punches and slaps to the face and body along with kicks and hair pulling. Sally pounds the back of her foes head while Elaine uses a brutal body attack to inflict damage. The loser is taken down by her hair and pummeled with heavy blows until clean shots to the face make her yelp in pain and surrender.

    Fight 2 Lacey vs Cindy
    This fight between females in shorts and tank tops starts with Cindy trapping her foe in a headlock and landing a flurry of punches to the head, body and back. Lacey gets her bearing and pushes her rival into the wall as they both land strikes to the belly and back. The loser gets her neck twisted in a front headlock, taken to the ground and submits left beaten and dizzy.
    Fight 3 Adelle vs Seven

    This is a very short big girl battle between heavy females. Adelle has aggression and vows to whip ass by getting inside quickly. Seven is a chubby ass kicker who is confident but nervous. Adelle comes out aggressively, battering her foe with vicious strikes to the head. Seven is taken down then punished with headlocks and blows to the face so fierce that we had to cut the camera prematurely as Seven's face was leaking badly and the fight had to be stopped.
    In all 12 minutes and three short but savage fights.

Price: $ 29.95   (DVD)

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